Splash For Ca$h

Oct 18, 2019 (05:45 PM) - Oct 18, 2019 (07:30 PM)
October, 18 2019
October 17, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Our Splash 4 Ca$h event is coming up in October!

This event is not mandatory and collecting sponsors is not required . However, participation is highly encouraged since 50% of your swimmer's earnings go directly into your swimmer's personal escrow account with GRAT! You can use these funds to pay future registration and/or meet fees. Yay!

Additionally please keep in mind that the practice on our SPLASH 4 CA$H night will ONLY be lap swimming - a pure distance/conditioning night - regardless of a swimmer's decision to participate in the fundraiser. If your swimmer is NOT participating he/she may choose not to attend practice that night. 



Splash 4 Ca$h is a fundraiser in which swimmers challenge themselves to see how many laps they can swim within the time constraints of one practice. 50% of the money raised will go directly to your swimmer's escrow account. The other 50% goes to help fund the club.

Swimmers - simply print out the attached sponsor sheet today and have your family, friends, or neighbors sponsor you to swim as many laps as you can during one practice. Sponsors donate based on the number of laps you swim or they can choose to donate a flat amount.

*Please bring your completed sponsor sheet to the pool on our SPLASH 4 CA$H day: Friday, October 11, 2019 

*Pre-Team will have regular practice 5:45-6:15pm; they may stay for Splash 4 Ca$h if they desire

*Junior/Seniors and Development teams will do Splash 4 Ca$h as their full practice, from 6:15-7:30pm (Jr/Sr may arrive for a 6:15pm start).

[Note that a lap is considered 50 yards - or one "roundtrip."  If you're wondering how much to sponsor per lap you need to know how far your swimmer can swim. Last year's average was over 50 laps!  Pre-Team might swim up to 10 laps, Development 30 to 50, Juniors/Seniors 60 up to 100! Example: $10.00 flat amount OR $0.50/lap. If the swimmer completes 10 laps, in this scenario the sponsor owes $5.00.]

Sponsor sheets are due the day of the event. Earned sponsor money is due by Friday October  25th (cash or checks payable to GRAT). If you leave $ in the grey box at the pool, please be sure it is labeled with your swimmer's name and noted as Splash 4 Ca$h.

Parents - join the fun and get to know the team by volunteering to be a lap counter! Volunteer sign-ups are open on the website