NCSA Age Group Champs (Orlando, FL)

Mar 25, 2020 - Mar 28, 2020
March, 1 2020


We are excited to announce our return to the NCSA Age Group Championship Meet!  Please sign up with a "yes" at this time to ensure you receive communications about this fun event!

Trip Planning:
The meet starts on Wednesday, March 25 and goes through Saturday, March 28. Storm has a block at the same hotel as last year from March 24-March 29 (The Point Hotel & Suites). 
This hotel worked out great as it has many room options (ranging in price $90/$99/$114 per night). These rooms includes a kitchen for those of you who wish to make food and not feel like you have to eat out for every meal, which is a great option to help manage a good diet for the swimmers. The block reservations are available until February 17. You do have an option to cancel up to 72 hours in advance.

The Storm hotel block is actually pretty close. It is about a 15 minute walk to the pool (a little over a mile away).  Many families last year said they walked and worked out great.
If your swimmer is competing on the first day (March 25), you are expected to arrive the day before you compete (March 24).
Phil plans to arrive on or before March 24.
Families are encouraged to book flights now. 

Parking can be really busy around the pool. Families have dropped their swimmers off for warmups and then have either taken an Uber or walked to the pool just before the races. Some families choose to rent a car however many families did not last year and had no issues.

It is understood by Coach Phil that this trip is also a spring break vacation for many families. He understands if families/swimmers would like to do other things (i.e. visit an amusement park). Just let him know ahead of time to help plan for things accordingly. The primary focus of this trip is to race, but he wants to be flexible and understanding too.
We will plan to have a couple of group meals. 
Meet Planning:
If you qualify for 1 event, you can also register to swim up to 5 bonus events (excluding the distance events: 400 IM, 500, 1625). Each swimmer will get to swim a minimum of 6 events not including relays.
Swimmers may want to consider which events are on what days. To avoid just having to go to do only 1 event each day, Coach Phil suggests consider selecting events where you can swim at least 2 a day. This may free up a day for the swimmer and family to possibly go do something fun. The only caveat, if you are selected for a relay, please consult Phil and plan accordingly.
Last year, there were daily team meetings. Phil is hoping to have a team meeting with parents in the mornings during warmups. 

If Storm swimmers make the finals, all Storm swimmers are encouraged to attend and support their fellow athletes.
Phil plans to communicate mostly through text while at the meet. Leading up to the meet, a Facebook group page has been setup to help with communication and planning. 
Last year there was an option to volunteer at the meet, if this option becomes available, you may want to considered doing it. A few families last year volunteered and it resulted in their meet fees being waived. It was also a nice option because you are up close to see your swimmer and did not have to worry about seats.If this becomes available, we will let you know.
Swim Gear:
Plan to wear your fast suits. This will be a really fast and competitive meet.
TYR has provided us with specific coupon codes to purchase race suits and get 30% off. If you are interested and need a coupon code, let Phil know. If you do not use the coupon code, let him know too. He has individual codes and wants to make sure they are available for other swimmers in the future if we do not use them.