Salem Rays December Meet

Dec 7, 2019
November, 15 2019


* We need to provide 2 parent timers in the morning session and 1 in the afternoon. Please take your turn to help time.

* All swimmers will be located in the aerobics’ room throughout the meet and enter the pool through the locker rooms. Parents may stop by the room briefly but will remain on the pool deck as there is plenty of seating available. Please do not bring chairs.  Swimmers must enter the pool through the locker rooms.


*Warm-up Sessions: Be on deck at least 15 minutes before the session start time.

   Morning Session= 8:05 – 8:25. (Meet starts at 8:30.) (Coach Dave – 707-8004)

   Afternoon Session= 12:05-12:25  (Coach Val – 757-332-6106)

Admission $3    Heat Sheets $3

*Location: The Workout Club- 16 Pelham Road, Salem, NH (right off exit 2 of Route 93)

* Please remember that the Workout Club is open for Members throughout the meet so please remind swimmers to be respectful of the members and property.

* 25-yard events for the 8&U will start at the starting block end of the pool and finish at the turn end

* Absolutely no glass or ceramic containers of any kind are allowed on the pool deck. No food will be allowed on deck -only drink coffee or water in non-breakable bottles on deck.

There will be a concession stand in operation through the duration of the meet with breakfast and lunch items as well as drinks and snacks.