Swim Across America

Nov 15, 2019 (04:00 PM) - Nov 15, 2019 (07:00 PM)
November, 15 2019
Age Group,COACHES,Development Black,Development Blue,Junior,National,Senior Black,Senior Blue (Pay in Full,Payment Plan)


Swim Across America is an organization that sets up pool and open water swims in order to raise money for cancer research. Money raised from from each swim gets donated to one of their 9 designated research labs located all around the country. Our event will raise money for the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy in Greenwich, CT. Each squad will swim a different set as their physical contribution to this important cause.

  • Senior/National team will swim a mile to honor the journey of battling cancer for patients and their families.
  • Age Group and Junior squads will swim 9x100’s to acknowledge the nine designated Swim Across America research labs
  • Development squads will swim 15x50 to recognize the 50 people diagnosed with cancer every 15 minutes. 

For fundraising, Swim Across America will create a link specific to our team. It will be shared via email and can be posted on social media for friends and family to see. This link will be live as soon as it is sent out and will remain live for 65 days following the event. Donations can also be made the day of the event via a check.

There is no minimum donation. Give whatever you feel called to give. Register here!


Registration Instructions:

  1. Click register

  2. Join a team

  3. Select RAC Swimming

  4. Enter your information and personal fundraising goal