Greensboro TYR Pro Swim Series

Nov 4, 2019 - Nov 10, 2019
September, 30 0019


TYR Pro Swim Series

Greensboro, NC

November 6-9, 2019

TRAVEL DATES:  11/4-10/19

DEPOSIT REQUIRED:  $300 by 9/30/19

Groups Attending:  Qualified Senior Group Athletes Only!!!

FORMAT These meets will be conducted in LCM.  All individual events except the 800/1500 freestyles will be conducted on a Preliminaries and Finals basis. At the Meet Referee’s discretion, preliminary sessions may be conducted in flights, with the fastest seven heats of events 200m or less, and the fastest five heats of 400m events in the “A” flight, and all remaining heats in the “B” flight.  “A” flights will be concluded each morning prior to beginning the “B” flights.  The “A” flights will be swum slowest to fastest. The “B” flight as well as the 400m races will be swum fastest to slowest. The top four heats of swimmers from preliminaries will advance to an A, B, C, and D heat in the Finals. In the Finals, the B heat will swim first, followed by the A heat.  After all the A and B Finals heats are completed, the C and D Final heats will swim.     

DISTANCE FREESTYLE The 800 and 1500 freestyle events will swim as Timed Finals.  Positive check-in is required prior to the scratch deadlines in order to compete in the distance events.  The distance freestyle events on Day 1 will swim fastest to slowest, alternating women and men beginning at 4:00pm.  On day four all but the fastest seeded heat in each gender of the distance freestyle events will swim fastest to slowest at the end of the preliminary session, alternating women and men, with the fastest seeded heat in each gender swimming in the Finals session.   

BONUS EVENTS Any swimmer who has one or more qualifying standards in individual events may enter up to two bonus events in each meet, provided they have achieved the published Bonus Standards.     

ENTRY LIMIT Each swimmer may participate in a maximum of seven individual events per meet, with no more than three individual events per day including time trials.     

ENTRY FEES Individual Events $20 per event  Coach Credential $20 per coach ($25 if purchased on site)  Foreign Participants $35.00 additional fee per participating athlete, coach, and staff member