PVS October Open

Oct 18, 2019 - Oct 20, 2019
October, 2 2019
Booster Club 2019-2020


This swim meet is open to all DC Wave registered swimmers for the 2019-2020 season who are 9 years old or older. Swimmers must be in good financial standing with the DC Wave booster club. Swimmers will compete as the age they are on October 18, 2019. 


Lee District Recreation Center
6601 Telegraph Rd.
Alexandria, VA


  • Friday
    • 5:00 PM Warm-up
    • 5:50 PM Session Starts
  • Sunday
    • 13 & Over
      • 6:30 AM Warm-up
      • 7:30 AM Session Starts
    • 11-12
      • 12:00 PM Warm-up
      • 1:00 PM Session Starts
    • 9-10
      • 3:00 PM Warm-up
      • 4:00 PM Session Starts

Important Notes

  • For a list of events offered, and the order the meet will be swum in, please refer to the Meet Announcement below.
  • DC Wave will ONLY be attending FRIDAY and SUNDAY for this meet. 
  • For all events on Friday, swimmers must provide their own timers.
  • All events 200 and longer will use positive check-in. 
    • Positive check-in will close 30 minutes after the start of warm-ups for each session. 
  • Chairs will not be allowed on deck for athletes.
  • Programs will be sold for each session, and are not to exceed $2. Because of this, heat sheets may not be available prior to the meet. In the event that programs are not able to be sold, programs will be posted throughout the spectator areas.