Showdown II - Greenville

Oct 17, 2019
October, 17 2019
Greenville Currents,Greenville Fun and Fundamentals,Greenville Gold,Greenville Purple (Greenville)


This is for our second showdown event.  Currents, Gold, Purple, and Fun and Fundamentals will be participating in this event on Thursday, Oct. 17th, in lieu of normal practice.  There is no charge for this event.

Warmup will begin promptly at 6:30 pm and the meet will start at approximately 6:45.


Events List:

Gold                50 Breaststroke

Currents          50 Freestyle

Purple              25 Butterfly

Fun & Fund.     25 Freestyle

Gold                50 Backstroke

Currents          50 Butterfly

Purple              50 Freestyle

Fun & Fund.     25 Freestyle Kick

Gold                50 Butterfly

Currents          50 Breaststroke

Purple              50 Freestyle Kick

Fun & Fund.    25 Backstroke (A group only)