Pointe Claire Invitational

Dec 5, 2019 - Dec 8, 2019
October, 7 2019
Board Members, Coaches, Elite 1 Senior, Elite 2 Junior, Elite 2 Senior, Western/YNG




We will depart on Wednesday morning, December 5th following morning practice.  Parents should pack a breakfast for swimmers before heading to the airport.  Swimmers need to be at the airport, Air Canada domestic departure area, by 10 AM.  We are departing from Vancouver at 11:25 AM on AC 302 to Montreal.

We will be returning to Vancouver on Monday morning on flight 301 departing Montreal at 7:15 AM and arriving in Vancouver at about 9:15 AM.

Code of conduct will be in effect.  

A deposit of $650 should be done by October 16th.  Estimated total costs are around $1300 which includes, hotel, airfare, ground and management costs.  Meals will be bought by swimmers - still waiting to see if there is a breakfast plan with the hotel.

HOTEL:  Holiday Inn, Pointe Claire;  6700 Trans Canada, H9R1C2, Quebec  ph.  514-697-7110

Ground:     ALAMO - 8 passenger mini van

FLIGHT:    Air Canada  302 - departing YVR at 11:25 on Dec. 5th and returning on AC 301, departing YUL at 7:15 AM on Monday morning, Dec. 9