Blue/Silver Saturday Breaststroke Clinic

Oct 12, 2019 (10:00 AM) - Oct 12, 2019 (11:00 AM)
October, 10 2019
Blue,Silver 3 ([* ALL Locations *])



Special Practice**** NOTICE****


Saturday October 12th we will be holding a Breaststroke Clinic

To attend you MUST commit by the deadline.  All swimmers who are not committed will not be swimming. 

If you wish to have your swimmer participate please take a moment and declare yes so that we can staff appropriately.  

Sandia Pool, Saturday October 12th 10-11 am  - there is no additional charge for this clinic

If you have ANY issues signing up let me know - the system has been restricting commitments for oustanding fees, however we do not use this system for billing and those "fees" are bogus!   Please let me know so I can fix it!