Start Clinic Blue Practice Session 1/Parent meeting

Oct 9, 2019 (03:30 PM) - Oct 9, 2019 (04:45 PM)
October, 9 2019


Channel Cat Families -

On Wednesday, October 9th, Practice for ALL BLUE SWIMMERS will be at CBRC ONLY

For that practice we will be running a Start Clinic...with official starting equipment and officials who help run meets.  ALL blue group swimmers are encouraged to attend!  This is a GREAT opportunity to practice going off the blocks and learning what sounds you will hear at the starts of your races at swim meets.  There will be two sessions of 1 hour 15 minutes from to choose:

Session 1: 3:30-4:45pm

Session 2: 5:00- 6:15pm  

 Please signup online (on our website) to let us know which one you will be coming to. Space is limited. We have over 100 blue swimmers on our roster. CBRC cannot accommodate that many at one time. Please choose between the different times listed above.

The steps to sign your swimmer up are:

  1. Click on the event for the session you want to attend
  2. Click the ATTEND/DECLINE button
  3. Click on your swimmers name
  4. Click on the word SELECT and choose "Yes, please sign (swimmers name) up for this event
  5. Click the SAVE CHANGES button

***PARENTS: While your swimmer is in the pool,  you are invited to join us upstairs in the Preschool Room (look for a Channel Cat sign) for a PEP Talk to     learn about what to expect at meets.  Meets can be a tad bit overwhelming  and we want to make it as smooth and easy as possible.  We've all been there and remember what it was like.  We also will have the buddy families assigned if you would like one to assist at the meet.

 Please come to this great parent session!

A few things to remember:

  • ALL BLUE SWIMMERS PRACTICE AT CBRC on Wednesday 10/09!  Please don't show up at TCCC...there won't be Blue practice there that night.
  • For non-CBRC members, please sign in at the front desk (tell the employee you are there for Channel Cats) and head on out to the "Bubble Pool" (outdoor pool).
  • Hot tub time after the start clinics isn't for playtime and time should be minimized to be respectful of other CBRC members. 

Remember, Blue practice will ONLY be at CBRC this day (Wednesday, Oct 9th)!   This is a GREAT opportunity to get some practice in before the LaGrande meet that many of you are signed up for...it's coming up quick!

See you there!