Friday Night Mini Meet

Oct 25, 2019
October, 25 2019


Friday Night Mini Meets

We will try a new system out for swimmers to enjoy!

Swim meets are a really fun part of swimming.

However, they take a great deal of time, organization, and parent participation.

When the spirit of swimming for fun, improvements, and technical correction is the overall goal!

With that, here is the new plan!

Racers will swim for ribbons during their regular practice time 4:00-4:30. The coaches can run the whole show in a rewarding and quick fashion.

Dynamos, Age Group and Adv Age Group Swimmers will race from 5:00-5:30. This will allow for the swimmers to get practice time, then race in a new format. Again making the best use of time and space.

These will take place the Friday before the regular scheduled USA Swimming Meets.

Swimmers attending the local away meets, will get out at 5:00 to rest for the coming days races.

We look forward to the improvements this new plan will bring. 

Thank you for your support!