2020 Niagara Championship Qualifier (Silvers)

Feb 28, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020
February, 13 2020


The Championship qualifer is hosted by UNAC at the Maine-Endwell Pool.

There are qualifying times for this meet, and below you will find eligibilty information up to 01/19/2020 (this does not include the Powerpoint results). 

See the eligibility report to see if your swimmer has a qualifying time.  You can swim events in this meet that you have a "silver" qualifying time; if you have a "gold" qualifying time you are too fast for that event and can't swim it.  A white square on the eligibility report means that they can swim the event; a grey square means they can not swim that event (too slow or too fast). We will update once new results become available. 

Note that every swimmer gets to swim a minimum of three events. If you have one cut time, you get two bonus events, two cut times gives you one additional bonus event. Three cuts or more and you do not get bonus events. 

The cut-times and meet announcement are also attached below.