Framingham at Wellesely 12/7/19

Dec 7, 2019 (01:15 PM) - Dec 7, 2019 (04:30 PM)
December, 1 2019
December 6, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


This is our First Swim Meet of the Season and we would like all swimmer to attend.

We need you to let us know by 12/1/19 if you are or if you are not going to be at the meet.

If you are not going - please complete the registration process and indicate you are not going

If you are going - please indicate the 2 strokes/events you would like to swim.  We want to know what you want to swim, not what the coaches or parents want you to swim, what you want to swim.  Will these two events be the strokes you actually, swim?  No, but the coaches will take your selection into consideration when creating the lineup.  Again, select no more than 2 strokes/events you would like to swim.