Palm Springs Training Camp 2020

Mar 13, 2020 - Mar 22, 2020
October, 29 2019
Board Members, Coaches, Elite 2 Junior, Elite 2 Senior, Western/YNG


Please read the information attached.  All swimmers attending this must be at least 11 years or older and in Elite 2 Jr., Elite 2 Sr. or WYNG.  This camp is not available to those swimmers who (if qualified) are not attending provincials, Westerns or CJC.

If anyone is attending with parents, we must know that as well.

This is a travel camp.  By declaring your swimmers’ attendance, you are committing your swimmer to transportation, accommodation and meal plan with the team and all associated costs.  If your swimmer is attending the meet, but intends to travel independently, please indicate in NOTES, the level of participation (ONLY swimmers traveling with the team will be allowed to participate in the MEAL plan,   or Training camp and management fees only.

It is critical for training camp planning and costing purposes that management is aware of swimmers’ commitment at time of declaration.  If a swimmer has declared he/she will travel with the team and did not put any notes to the contrary, then full payment of ALL costs will be due.  ALL swimmers are charged a management cost whether they are traveling with the team or going on their own, as coaches need to have their costs covered.



Palm Springs Pool 4