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Big Dual Meet

Nov 23, 2019 (08:30 AM) - Nov 23, 2019 (02:00 PM)
November, 17 2019
November 23, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Next Saturday, November 23 - our site of PASA will be hosting the Big Dual Meet vs. QSS (morning) and the PASA Candy Championship Meet (Afternoon) at Gunn High School.  This is our first of two one day meets we are running this Fall,  We are excited to run these smaller and shorter meets. 
Running these meets is very important for our site of PASA. First, it provides a race opportunity for our swimmers.  Second, it is one of our team's fundraisers.  Finally, the meets provide us the opportunity to serve the overall PASA team. 
The proceeds from the meet are used to make this team the best it can be for your swimmers.  So, by helping to put on this great meet, you are helping to make this team better for your swimmers!! So please sign up to volunteer at this meet.  You can sign up - HERE
The morning session of the meet on November 23 is for our Elite and Varsity swimmers.  Therefore, we will NEED the parents of every Elite swimmer who is participating in the morning session Big Dual meet to sign up for a volunteer position. 
The afternoon session of the meet is the 14&under PASA Candy Championship meet for swimmers in our 9-10, 11-13 and JV groups.  Therefore, we will NEED the parents of everyone who swims in the afternoon session to sign up for a volunteer position. 
FYI, this is a great time for any high school swimmer to complete required volunteer hours for their high schools, so we would love to see Elite swimmers (or older siblings) sticking around and helping out with the afternoon session.
Since we are running this meet, we require more types of volunteers than just timers, as we do at meets we go to that are hosted by other team.  Running a meet takes a lot of work, but we find is a great way of bonding a team as we are all serving a sacrificing for the better good of the team. 
Here is the description of the Volunteer Jobs available
1) Announcer - Do you like to talk?  Do you like entertaining?  This is the job for you.  This person uses the PA system to make announcements during the meet.
2) Runner/Intermediary – this is a perfect job for those who are looking to get exercise while at the meet.  This job requires some walking around as you will be posting results and collect sheets from timers. You also need to enjoy numbers, as you will be checking the accuracy of results. 
3) Head Timer – This person starts a couple back up watches at the beginning of each heat just in case one of the timers’ watches does not work.  You are the guru of stopwatches. 
4) Hospitality – Help keep the coaches and officials well hydrated and fueled!! Please!!! Talk to Judith Kau directly if you are interested in this position. 
5) Meet Marshals – This is the job for someone who would like to help provide a safe environment for the swimmers.  You will supervise the pool during warm ups and the movements on deck. Must be prepared to enforce rules. Marshal positions will be rotated and regular breaks given.
6) Snack Bar – Have you worked for a start up?  Are you an entrepreneur?  Do you like to sell things?  Do you like money?  Do you like food?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the job for you.  Please talk to Juan Zhang directly if you are interested in this position.
7) Timer – Push a timing button and a stopwatch after each race
8) Official – If you are a certified official, we can use your help officiating at the meet.
- Older swimmers can help out, even if they are competing in the meet, by signing up to volunteer and give back to their swim team family.
I want to take this moment to recognize those who will be taking a leadership role
1) Head of Snack Bar - Juan Zhang
2) Head of Hospitality - Judith Kau
3) Running Computer - Dennis Wilkinson
4) Head Marshal - Paul Coleman
5) Announcers - OPEN
How to enter the meet - Entries due by Sunday @ 6pm
Elite -  You will be entered in the meet by the coaches unless you tell us you are unavailable. NOTE - Not all Elite 2 will be able to swim in the morning session.  We will notify you on Monday, November 18 regarding which session you will be swimming in.
Varsity, 9-10, 11-13, JV - Please sign up on the team website HERE or through
Finally, here are the details on the meet itself –
            1) Location – Gunn High School
            2) Timeline
                    Big Dual Meet (Elite & selected Elite 2) – Arrive @ 7:15am.  Meet ends around 11:15am
                    PASA Candy Champs (all other groups) - Arrive @ 11:00am.  Meet ends around 3:00pm
Okay, I think this is enough for now. Thanks again for all your help in putting on this amazing meet. 
Bruce and DKS coaching staff