Swim Team Lock in at the YMCA

Jan 17, 2020 (09:00 PM) - Jan 18, 2020 (05:30 PM)
January, 8 2020
Bronze,Gold 1,Gold 2,Silver 1,Silver 2 (Sussex County YMCA)



We once again will be having our Swim team  “lock in” at the YMCA beginning at 9:00 pm. Last year was our first year doing this and it was a huge success!!

The night includes Swimming , Basketball, Volleyball, karaoke, face painting, piñata, movies and prizes ( each swimmer will get a certain number of tickets which are free with your admission fee), pizza, ice cream social and breakfast before you leave. Many of the prizes are donated by our team vendor TYR and we will also have some local gift cards to win eg: Walmart, Dairy Swirl, Dunkin etc. 

As like last year children 10 & under will participate from 9:00 pm- 12:45 am and swimmers 11 & over can stay the entire night. person and will send out more Raffle for prizes will be done prior to the younger kids getting dismissed as will Pizza and the ice cream social.

We will need some parents volunteers to help out (hopefully you’re a night Owl) Anyone that does work the full night will be allowed to have one child go for free.

Cost is as follows:

10 & under $20.00 per child 

11 & over First child $40.00  each additional child would be $20.00 if both are 11 & over.

In the case where you have one child over 11 & one under 10 it would be $40.00 for the first child and $10.00 for the second child (1/2 off the cost for that child’s age group)

  • If you volunteer to work the entire night your first child is free. Eg: 13 year you wouldn’t have to pay $40.00 and 10 & under you wouldn’t have to pay $20.00 each additional child depending on age would be $10.00 or $20.00.

Please go in and declare if you will be attending or declining and under notes indicate how many swimmers. This is not open to anyone except our swimmers.

I will be sending out the permission slip with all the information listed in a week or so.

Please email me if you interested in working as a volunteer as we need six parents or if you have any questions.