DCSL Championship Swim Meet

Jul 18, 2020 (08:00 AM) - Jul 18, 2020 (04:00 PM)
July, 10 2020
July 17, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)


Diablo Community Swim League
58th Annual Championship Swim Meet
Saturday July 18th, 2019
Meet Starts at 9:00 AM

Follow along to a countdown to the Meet and during the Meet via Twitter @DCSL_splash

Team Caravan to the Meet
 AM Team Caravan Departs LT to the meet

Campus Map

Racing Pool Layout

Team Warm-Ups
8:00 - 8:45 AM
Las Trampas is assigned Lanes 7 & 12
Follow instructions from the LT coaches - the pool will be very crowded during warm-ups.
Each team is assigned two lanes in the competition pool for pre-meet warm-ups for the full warmup time. Swimmers may not dive without a coach present. Follow instructions from the LT coaches! Only LT Lane-7 will have a diving block.
Hanging on the lane lines is prohibited.
Lifeguards & Marshalls will be closely monitoring warm-ups.

Warm-Up & Cool-Down Lanes
Due to the larger size of the Northgate pool, we are able to offer three warm-up and cool-down lanes. The lanes will be staffed with lifeguards and marshals during the meet. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping this area as quiet as possible. Only those swimmers 11 and older can use this area. Swimmers ages 10 and under are not allowed in the warm-up/cool-down lanes.
Please keep the area as quiet as possible - do NOT disturb the races

There will be parking in the main lots (A & B) in front of the school, off of Castle Rock Rd. Parking attendants will be on hand in the morning to efficiently direct traffic and guide parking on the black-top. Please do not park in any of the surrounding neighborhoods where it is marked: “Residential Permit Only.” Additional handicap and coach parking with closer pool access is available in the parking lot furthest south on campus.  

Team Areas
Team areas will be set-up in front of the school next to the parking lot. Attached to this registration packet is the designated team areas map. A school district custodian will be available throughout the day to empty garbage cans and maintain the restrooms. Please make sure your team does not leave any trash following the meet. GLASS OF ANY KIND IS PROHIBITED. Again, please maintain a clean team area and respect school property so we will be allowed back in the future.
Shade canopies will also be necessary for the team areas. Families are welcome to set-up shade canopies during set-up on Friday July 17, 2020 AFTER 5:00 PM, but there will not be security and the team area will not be locked, so Friday night set-up is at the risk of the family. Please do not set-up any team areas anywhere except the designated area, including the school corridors.

Deck space is limited, so please be courteous to each other. Please avoiding “saving”
large sections of bleacher space as a team. The bleacher space is not allotted to individual teams, but is first come first served, and open to all spectators.
Please be courteous to everyone in the stands.

Quiet for the Start
We certainly encourage spirited cheering during the races, but please remember to be quiet for the start. Noise & distractions during the start make it difficult for swimmers to hear.

General Considerations
We will be guests of the Mt Diablo Unified School District & Northgate High School. It is expected that coaches, team directors & parents, maintain order in the team areas & around the pool. Any swimmer behavior that is disorderly or unsafe will result in disqualification & immediate eviction from the premises.
Please adhere to the following:
  • Northgate has a Neighborhood Agreement to not start events prior to 8AM - the pool will not open until 8AM - please be respectful of the neighbors & keep noise to a minimum
  • No smoking, tobacco products, and/or illegal substances
  • No Animals - California state law prohibits animals from all aquatic facilities (except for service animals)
  • No barbeques are allowed (except by food vendors)
  • Small children must be supervised at all times
  • Only entered swimmers are allowed in the pool
  • The pool will be immediately closed following the last event of the meet
  • The infield of the baseball field will be roped off and is off limits  – please do not allow any kids to play on the dirt infield or dugouts

Clerk of the Course and Shepherding
All swimmers must check-in at the Clerk of the Course prior to their race.
Swimmers should be on time, and must be marked with race information prior to arrival at the Clerk of the Course. Please mark your swimmer(s) as follows:

Important: 6 & Under and 7-8 Medley Relay Teams are to be shepherded to the clerk of the course no later than 8:45 AM, before the singing of the national anthem.
6 & Unders and 7-8 swimmers should check-in with the LT shepherds and be escorted to the Clerk of the Course for the duration of the meet.
Following each race, swimmers will exit the pool area, heading west, opposite the Clerk of the Course -- Parents of young swimmers, please meet your swimmer in this area following their race.

Meet Program
A meet program will be sold before and during the first couple of hours of the meet.
All families are encourage to  purchase a program!
Sales of the program support the league and defray some of the cost of the meet.
Program cost is: $7.00  -- CASH ONLY - exact change appreciated

Food & Vendors
Please plan for a long day at the meet - please pack plenty of water for your family. 
You may bring food & drinks from home, and/or visit the food vendors at the meet.

No glass & no alcohol.
The league will also sell candy during the meet at the Programs table.
Vendors include:
  • Slow Hand BBQ (menu) Tri-Tip, Pulled Pork, Hot Dogs, Beans, Potato Salad
  • Round Table Pizza on Wheels (menu) 3-types of Pizza by the Slice, Salads & Drinks; Grab & Go
  • El Ranchero Mexican (menu)
  • Ice Barbers Hawaiian Ice (menu)
  • Cool Beads Ice Cream (menu)
  • Tattoos
  • Hair Feathers 

First Aid Station & Safety
The meet will be staffed by lifeguards who will be on hand as needed for first aid issues. There are also two first aid stations at the meet: one on the pool deck near the officials’ restroom and one located near the program sales table in the breezeway by the team areas. There is an AED machine adjacent to the first aid station on the pool deck. As a precaution, each team should bring their own first aid supplies and have them available in their team areas. If there is an accident or serious injury, please notify a lifeguard and the Meet Director as soon as possible.

The Upper Level Restrooms are located above the pool on the south side.
The Team Aream Restrooms are located in the breezway, near the Fun Vendors.
Single-use restrooms on the pool deck are reserved for officials, coaches, and handicapped access only.
Please do no change into suites in the restroom stalls. Changing in the stalls creates long lines for the toilets. Please change in the designated changing tents, in the LT Team Area.

Awards Ceremony
Following the last race, scoring of the meet results will be calculated and awards will presented on the pool deck. Just prior to presenting awards, our Coaches will be participating in a 4X25 Medley Relay. Please stay and participate in the ceremony -- you want to miss it!
At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, our team representative will collect all individual awards & will deliver them to the ribbon folders at LT.

updated 10/17/19