12&Under Single Age State Meet

Dec 14, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019
November, 30 2019


Entry into the Meet


Swimmer Eligibility :  All swimmers must be Current  Wisconsin LSC registered athlete members of USA Swimming.  All individual swimmers entered in the meet shall be eligible to swim in the meet, having at least one verifiable qualifying time.  Swimmers who cannot verify qualification for the meet with a proof of time will be withdrawn from the meet.  Any swimmer who swims in the meet and is found ineligible will be disqualified from the meet, forfeit all awards and points achieved and their club fined $200.  There will be no deck entries or registration.  The representative submitting entries shall be responsible for verifying that all swimmers satisfy these requirements.  


Time Standards :  Swimmers must meet 12  & Under Single Age State Championship qualifying times as set by Wisconsin Swimming, which are available at  and included in the meet information.  


Qualifying and Seed Times :   Qualifying period for this competition will be September 1, 2018 through the entry deadline .   DO NOT CONVERT.   Qualifying time standards are included in this packet.  Qualifying times will be accepted Short Course Yards, Short Course Meters and  Long Course Meters .  Non-conforming times will be seeded after SCY   times.  The order used for seeding will be SCY then SCM then  LCM.  If bonus swims are allowed, b onus entries will be seeded after qualified swims in the same course order.


Entries:    Swimmers may compete in  Four  (4 ) individual events per day, plus relays up to a maximum of Six  (6 ) ind ividual events for the meet.  


Entry Deadline Monday December   2 nd  at 6:00 PM  CST.    Entries received after the initial deadline may be accepted upon remittance of a $100 late fee; no entry will be accepted after 6:00 PM CT Wednesday, December  4 th .


Entry Procedures :  Submit an entry file from Team Unify or Hy-Tek.  If you need help submitting please contact the meet entry chair.  Mark your bonus events in either Team Unify or Hy-Tek.  


All Entry times for other than “bonus events” will be checked against SWIMS.  Entry times not in SWIMS must be proven if the athlete fails to swim the the time standard in the event.  Proof of time can be HyTek or TU top times report, printed / viewable results from competitions. Submit proof of time prior by Tuesday, December 3rd by mailing after the meet entry times are compared against SWIMS with .pdf or other viewable results including - meet results or  TU or Hy Tek top times report.

  • List of acceptable proof of times is located in the “PROOF OF TIMES” section of this meet information.
  • All outstanding proofs must be cleared by the “PROOF DEADLINE” Tuesday, Dec ember 3rd , 2019 6:00PM


Proof of Times :

All entry times will be verified against  SWIMS databa se, if you use override (custom) times, you must provide all proof of times by 6:00 PM, Tues day December  3rd .  Valid proof received after the deadline will be accepted upon remittance of a $100 late fee.  Unproven entries will not be seeded into the meet. 


These proofs can be emailed to the Entry Chair before December  3rd  in order to expedite “clearing” proofs.  Links to published meet results from independent websites (Wisconsin Swimming, YMCA, etc.) and attached PDFs are the preferred method


Qualifying standards must be achieved by a swimmer in a meet providing printed or viewable meet results, e.g., meets from which times may be used are any USA Swimming sanctioned, approved, or observed meets, YMCA closed competition. .  


Bonus Events   Any swimmer who has entered with one qualifying time may enter two bonus events for which they do not have a qualifying time.  Any swimmer entered with two qualifying times may enter one bonus event.  Any swimmer with three or more entered qualifying times is not eligible for bonus events.  There is no bonus swim for swimmers that are “relay only” entrants in the meet.


Relay Entries :  Teams may enter an “A” relay provided that they have an individual qualifier entered in that age group/gender.  In order for a team to enter a “B” relay, the team must have at least eight (8) individual qualifiers in that age group/gender; a “C” relay must have at least twelve (12) individual qualifiers, etc.  The other members of a team’s only relay entry in a given age group/gender may be relay-only swimmers.  Relays that are not a team’s only relay for an age group/gender must be comprised entirely of swimmers who are individually qualified for the meet.


Relay-only s wimmers must  be included in your entry.  To add a relay-only swimmer after the entry deadline, the swimmers must be entered into the meet 20-minutes prior to the start of the session in which they will swim.

NOTE:   If a swimmer who is entered as an eligible swimmer is found to be ineligible for the meet, that swimmer may not be part of a relay as a relay-only swimmer and does not count as a qualified swimmer for a relay.


Entry Fees :        $3.00 LSC Splash Fee per Swimmer

$6.00 per individual event

$16.00 per relay (Please note:  Relay-only swimmers MUST also pay the $3.00   LSC splash fee.)

$5 .00  Facility User Surcharge