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Discovery Secret Swimmer Party

Dec 21, 2019 (01:30 PM) - Dec 21, 2019 (04:30 PM)
December, 18 2019
December 17, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)
Discovery 1,Discovery 2 ([* ALL Locations *])


IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! Secret Swimmer Time!  Your child FINALLY gets to find out who has them as a secret swimmer!  


This party is for Discovery 1&2.  Siblings are welcome to decorate cookies and play the games.  The fleece pillows and gift exchange will be for Discovery swimmers only.


This party will be instead of practice. We will meet in the LARGE COMMONS first from 1:30-3:30 for the dry portion of the party.  Here we will make fleece pillows, decorate cookies, play fun games and exchange our main secret swimmer gift.  After the the dry portion of the party we will move to the competition pool, from 3:30-4:30, where will will swim fun holiday festive relay races.   Siblings can join in the fun while we are in the commons, playing games and decorating cookies.


At this party you will be exchanging your main gift with your secret swimmer.  If you will not be able to attend this party, your gift will need to be dropped off to your coach Trish by Wednesday December 18th.


**Please keep your secret swimmer present in your bag until the time of the exchange. **


VOLUNTEERS:   Those of you who have signed up to donate items, please bring those items to Coach Trish by Wednesday 12/18/19.  MAKE SURE YOU WRITE SECRET SWIMMER ATTN: COACH TRISH on the item.