Dec 13, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019
November, 14 2019


@ WATERFORD MOTT HS in Waterford, MI

CRUISER FAMILIES - This is our Fall Focus Meet! You should make every effort to attend the full meet! Please see the notes below on the meet format. 

Please use the pdf file below to view all the meet's details including the pool address, session start times, the full event line-up, and more! 


  • Friday evening & 10 & Under sessions are "Timed Finals," which means athletes swim each race once, just like a regular swim meet. 
  • Saturday & Sunday 11 & Older sessions are "Prelim/Final" or "Trials/Finals" format. All 11 & Older athletes compete once, and the fastest athletes compete twice in each event. 
  • All 11 & Older athletes will compete in three "OPEN" events in the morning session.
  • After each event is swum, results will be split by age group and gender. 
  • The fastest 16 swims in each event for 11-12, 13-14, and 15 & Older boys and girls will return in the evening for the finals session, racing a second time. 
  • EXCEPTIONS: For the 200y buttefly, backstroke, and breaststroke races, results will be split into 11-14 and 15 & Older events for finals. 

Fees for this meet are $6 per event plus $1 per swimmer. 

National Team, National Prep, all Age Group, and all Junior Group swimmers will be automatically entered in this event if they do not opt out by the entry deadline. Click "Edit Commitment" above to change your swimmer's commitment. 

Varsity and Jr Varsity swimmers will not be entered in the meet unless they opt into the meet. Click "Edit Commitment" above to change your swimmer's commitment. 

Coaches will select events for any swimmer that does not make their own selections, and coaches may alter your swimmer's entry if they feel it is in your swimmer's best interest. 

If you have questions, please talk with your coaches!