58th Annual Christmas Meet @ PITT!!!

Dec 12, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019
November, 26 2019
Booster Club 2019-2020, Coaches



University of Pittsburgh Trees Pool
140 Aliquippa Street,
Pittsburgh PA, 15261


  • Thursday Evening Warm-ups begin at 5:00pm 6:00pm
  • Fri, Sat, & Sun AM - Doors open at 6:30am, warm-ups begin at 7:00am 8:30am
  • Fri, Sat, & Sun PM - *Note Sunday: times differ* Warm-ups begin no sooner than 1:00pm Fri/Sat and *12:30pm on Sun* No sooner than 2:00pm Fri/Sat and *1:30pm Sun*
  • Fri, Sat, & Sun Finals -  *Note: Sunday times differ* No later than 5:00pm on Fri/Sat and *4:00pm on Sun* 6:00pm Fri/Sat and *5:00pm on Sun*
    • DC Wave Swim Team Travel Itinerary (Please Read Before Declaring for the Meet!)
    • Preliminary Eligibility Report! (updated 11.18.19)
      • The last opportunity to qualify for this meet is at the Odd Ball Challenge | November 23-24. The final deadline for entries due to the Meet Director is December 4th. We Plan to send our team entries in well before the deadline to ensure our space in the meet.



  • Qualifying times must be achieved after January 1, 2017
  • Qualifying times are taken from the National Time standards as established by USA Swimming.
  • 12 and under entry times are based off of National “BB” Time standards.
  • For 13 and older events 100 and shorter are National “A” time standards and events 200 and longer are National “AA” time standards.  
  • Senior event entry times are based off of the 17-18 age group.



In addition to relays, bonus events are available at this meet!  So even if your swimmer has met the qualifying time standard for only one or two events, they may still have several additional opportunities to race during the weekend to help make the trip a more rewarding experience. Bonus event rules are listed below:
  • If a swimmer qualifies for a single (1) individual event, the swimmer may compete in up to one (1) additional event if the bonus time standard is met.
  • If a swimmer qualifies for two (2) or more individual events, that swimmer may compete in up to two (2) bonus events if the bonus time standard is met keeping in mind not to exceed 3 events per day and 10 events total for the meet.
  • Bonus events will be seeded after all SCY and LCM entries.
  • Bonus event qualifying times for events 200 AND shorter will be within 1 second per 50 of the meet qualifying standard.