Regionals at Homestead

Feb 21, 2020 (06:00 AM) - Feb 23, 2020 (06:00 PM)
February, 10 2020
AGB,AGG,AGS,HS Prep - Boy,HS Prep - Girl,Junior,SRB-HS Boy,SRB-HS Girl,SRR,SRR-HS Boy,SRR-HS Girl,WSL 8 and U,WSL 9 and O ([* ALL Locations *])


Regionals at Homestead

Friday, Feb. 21 - Sunday Feb. 23

Deadline: February 10th

This is a PRIORITY meet for all swimmers not qualified for State. If you do not have State times, you should make attending this meet a priority, and swimming a full complement of events (not just one day). HS Boys should swim to get another chance to do non-HS events while rested.

The meet serves two purposes: A quality Championship meet for all non-State swimmers and a LAST CHANCE to qualify for State.