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Triad Tropic Swim Meet at GAC

Dec 6, 2019 - Dec 8, 2019
November, 20 2019


Triad Tropic - Registration closes Wednesday, 11/20/2019

EMAIL SENT TO COACHES 12/2/2019 at 9pm:

Dear Coaches,


I hope you all had a Great Thanksgiving and we appreciate you working to get us files in so we could help finalize this year’s meet.  We have approximately 1200 swimmers this year and want to give everyone a great environment for a successful meet.  


There are two slight adjustment that we need to make to help make the timeline more manageable.


1. On Friday and Saturday morning we will have splitwarm-ups with each team having a 35 minutes session (7:00-7:35 & 7:35-8:10).  The meet willstart at 8:15.  There will be two session for the afternoon session as well.   I am finalizing those and they will be sent out and posted tomorrow.
2. There are a few spots where relays are combined into one pool to help accommodate us getting finished in time to start warm-ups for the following session and this will be reflected in your heat sheet.


The attached timeline reflects these adjustments so that you can have a clear picture of the meet layout.  


Below is some other general information to share with your team as well as some information you need for the weekend.  


3. The Psych Sheet is attached and will be posted on the STAR webpage. 
4. We will be running two pools and want to make sure the swimmers are aware of where they are swimming:
a. For each session Girls are in the 10 lane Scoreboard Pool and Boys are in the 8 lane Dive well pool.  (With the exception the few spots where a heat or relays may be moved at the end of the session)
b. All Finals will be swum in the 8 lane Dive well pool.
c. The relays will be deck seeded.
5. Warm-ups:  A warm-up schedule will follow tomorrow.  Warm-up space will be crowded so please make sure your swimmers are aware of your warm-up time and aware of good lane etiquette.  Please reinforce feet first entry during all warm-up and cool down unless one way starts are in process.  You will have your warm-up space to use as works best for your team.
6. Coach Check-in will be located at the Admin Table and you may pick your parking pass up there.  You will also need to show your credentials and sign in there to receive your heat sheet each session.
7. Please remember that swimmers will need to provide their own timers for the 400 IM, 500 Free and 1000 as well as the relays on Friday Night. They will also need to provide their own counters.  Parents who come down to time will need to check in at the volunteer table one to two heats before their swimmer swims and get a badge before going on deck.
8. Heat Sheets will be available at the spectator entrance.  $10 For prelims (includes finals); $8 for Timed Final Afternoon session; $15 if purchasing both. The event order and pools are reflected correctly in the heat sheets.
9. Fine Designs will have a tent set up to sell meet apparel right outside of the spectator entrance.     
10. We will have a Coach and Officials Social at Tripps on Wendover on Saturday after Finals.  We will get the first round and some appetizers and hope to see you there! 
11. Timers – Most teams will be assigned a few timer positions to fill in each session.  This list and sign up instructions will be sent out by the middle of this week. With running two pools we need your help with his and will make it easy for your volunteers to sign up.  They will be able to choose which pool they sign up for and get a free parking pass for the days they volunteer if they sign up by Thursday evening prior to the meet.  The timers meetings will be located in the Recreation Pool approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the session.  Please listen for announcements.   


If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call (much better than emailing me this week).  We will get you more details and updates later this week and are looking forward to a Great Meet!


EMAIL SENT TO COACHES 12/3/2019 at 11:18pm:

I am attaching some more information for the weekend for you to look over and share with your families.  We are excited about the weekend but it will be crowded so please talk to your swimmers about being considerate of others and being prepared to share space.  There are a few corrections to the timeline and they are reflected on the warm-up schedule that is attached as well as the attached updated timeline.  Saturday’s Final session will start at 5:45 and Sundays at 5:15 while the Sunday afternoon session will start at 1:40.

Please remember that there is a coach’s meeting on Friday at 3:30 in the hospitality room and the pools will be open for warm up at 3:45 with the meet starting at 5:00.

Please check the attached items and let me know if you have any questions and then please share them with your families.

  1. Updated timeline with reflected start time changes
  2. Deck Map – Shows where your team area is located on pool deck.  Please note that it will be crowded and so you are sharing space in most cases.  Please be sure to have your swimmers clean your area after each session.  There are some open bleachers during the afternoon session that are marked and planned for overflow.  This also shows where volunteer check in, t-shirt sales, admin and scratch tables are located.
  3. Warm-Up Assignments – please look over this and make sure you understand which session you are in each day.  There are split warm-ups for Prelims and afternoon sessions and each team will be early one day and late the other which is what the two columns reflect.
  4. Team Timer Assignments – In running two pools for all sessions but finals we need help in filling spots.  I have broken what each team is responsible for if you can help encourage your families to sign up ahead of time.  We are glad to take more than your assigned number if they are interested.  If they can sign up by Thursday night we will provide them a parking pass for any sessions that they are working but we need them to sign up in advance to get them the pass.  In addition they will have the choice of which pool they would like to work, boys or girls.
    1. To sign up they can go to the STAR webpage ( and click on the Triad Tropic button and then the box that says “Visiting Team Timer Volunteers” or they can copy and paste the following address:

OR  Click Here to Volunteer!