2019 Y-Tri @ Dodge County YMCA (YMCA Only)

Dec 14, 2019 (09:30 AM) - Dec 14, 2019 (07:00 PM)
December, 5 2019


2019 Y-Tri Meet  

Dane County, Dodge County and Pabst Farms  

Saturday, December 14, 2019  


The deadline to register for this event is Thursday, December 5th.


Location: YMCA of Dodge County  

         220 Corporate Drive  

         Beaver Dam, WI 53916  


Warm ups: YDC warm ups will begin at 9:30am.


Entries: Swimmers may compete in 2 Individual Events and 2 Relays or 3 Individual and 1 relay. 4 Total Entries . Deck Entries will be allowed where lanes available.  


Entry Fee: The cost is $10.00 per swimmer. 


Fly over Starts: After the athlete touches the wall at the finish of their race they should move to a corner of their lane prior to the “Take your mark” command and remain still. After the next race starts they can climb out of the water and exit the starting block area.  


Awards:       8 and under: 1-8 individual 1-3 relay 

9 and over: 1-5 individual 1-3 relay  


Concessions: Concessions will be available throughout the day in the rest area.  


Rules: USA Swimming rules prevail for the meet. Swimmer will swim their age as of December 1 st , 2019.


Rest Area: The rest area will be located in the gymnasium. Concessions will also be in the rest area/gymnasium.  


Entrance to the facility:  As we are still open to the public for other uses of the facility; we ask that when entering the building that all teams and spectators use the doors to the left side entrance doors of the building. The right side will be used for member entrance.  


At the bottom of this page you can find a full version of the meet description.


Please plan accordingly so that your swimmer can be changed and ready to go on deck 30 minutes prior to the start of warm ups. 


If you have any other questions please get in touch with your head coach!