Swim Utah Friday Night Lights Meet

Feb 7, 2020 (04:00 PM) - Feb 7, 2020 (09:00 PM)
January, 31 2020


Swim Utah Friday Night Lights Meet

Warm up starts at 4:00 pm and Meet starts at 5:00 pm

This meet is Positive Check in for all swimmers!
Positive check in will start at 3:50 pm on day of meet
All swimmers must be checked in by 4:20pm on day of meet or they will be scratched (removed from their events)

Please plan accordingly and be on time.
Positive check in is used to run more efficient and effective meets.
By ensuring that swimmers check in during warm up, the meet can be seeded, eliminating those swimmers who “no-show”. This benefits the swimmers by increasing competition and eliminating empty lanes. It also saves time and energy for officials, coaches, volunteers, swimmers, and parents, as meets run smoother and eliminate wasted time.
The purpose of positive check in is to ensure that swimmers are present and intend to swim their events. Coaches should not check in swimmers, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent the swimmer from being on time and the coach has received confirmation that the swimmer will be present.