Age Group Swimmers are getting FINS!!

Dec 3, 2019
December, 3 2019


Age Group swimmers . . . we have identified that kick is an area we need to improve and are getting fins to work on it.  Here are the two choices - 

A)  Arena Powerfins: $65.
B)  Speedo switchblade training fins: $35.

The deadline of Dec. 3 will allow us to order them and pick them up at the Kamloops Meet to save costs on shipping.  Please include in your order which of the fins, plus the size.  All Academy swimmers have fins . . . if swimmers need to try them out.  

Swimmers will share a locker to store them (and other gear) at the pool.  We did not want their swim bags to be any heavier.  There is a minimal cost for the lockers . . . $1.50 per month, per swimmer.