2020 USA Membership Registration

Nov 26, 2019 - Dec 9, 2019
December, 9 2019


The registration cost is $80 and covers the period from Now to December 31, 2020.
As always, feel free to email me if you have any issues about your membership or the registration.

All registrations (NEW, RENEW, TRANSFER) should complete the following:
Select Yes under this event declaration and select the Save Changes button. Then complete the steps below.

This is our group USA Membership registration event of the 2019-2020 season. If you plan to attend a USA meet at any time this season, you can

get your registration out of the way now. Also, if you have an active registration attached to another team, you will need to register now. If you are

uncertain if you will attend a USA meet, you can always sign up later. We run registration events several times throughout the season.

1. Sign In to your account (if you aren’t already signed in)

2. Select My Account from the menu items in blue on the left. Then select My Account again from the middle of the options under My


3. Select the Members tab from the grey tabs across the middle top

4. Select the appropriate member(s) from the green buttons

5. Scroll down to the USA Swimming Registration section

6. Complete the items below.

a. Last Confirmed Registration Date: leave blank

b. Registration Status:

NEW – if you have never had a USA membership
RENEW – if you have a USA membership that has expired CHANGE – if you are transferring a USA membership

c. Seasonal: Year-Round
7. The other information is useful but optional. It is for demographic purposes only.

8. Click the green Save button on the bottom right.

For new swimmers with active USA membership registered with previous club, they must complete the Transfer Form as well. This form can be found under MISWIM website and you just need attach it here each time, just in case.

9. Transfer registrations only (have an active USA membership attached with another team), must complete the attached Transfer form and email it back to me before the deadline