HHSAA State Championship (VMAC, Oahu)

Feb 14, 2020 - Feb 15, 2020
February, 9 2020


The HHSAA State Championship meet has been approved as Observed meet for USA-Swimming.  For athletes times to count, they MUST BE REGISTERED with USA-Swimming at the time of the meet.

Note: Athletes must also be registered by Jan 15, 2019 to qualify for many of the Athlete Travel Reimbursements awarded to qualifying swimmers.

The HHSAA Championship meet is being held on Maui at Kihei Aquatic Center

Diving Results & Dive Sheets: Girls.  Boys.   Link2 Results

Meet TM Results for USA-Swimming/HI Swimming.  ALL Results .pdf file

*Note:  TM files have swimmers ONLY IF USA-ID's entered in the HS meet. Swimmers NOT registered with USA-Swimming at the time of the meet did not get results uploaded to SWIMS - they are not valid USA-S times.
Team Manager uploads ... to match by USA-ID. 
Team Unify uploads ... Here are instructions:
TU needs to upload this file "match on ID only".  Once uploaded, you won't see a meet in your list, but the times show up in OnDeck and when doing entries. To see the results in TeamUnify, go to "results by athletes", then enter relevant data and press "Match ID# Only" to see the results are uploaded (you might want to limit your date range to limit the listing to the HS meets).