Contra Costa County Championship Swim Meet

Jul 31, 2020 (04:00 PM) - Aug 2, 2020 (05:00 PM)
July, 24 2020



2020 Contra Costa County Championship Swim Meet
Friday-Sunday July 31st to August 2nd

The meet will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 31st, August 1st and August 2nd at Acalanes High School,
starting at 4 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.
The address is 1200 Pleasant Hill Rd. Lafayette, CA.


Each contestant may enter two individual events for which he or she qualifies. The
Individual Medley is considered one individual event. Each contestant may also swim in
both relays, in addition to the individual events entered. Each team may enter 2 relay teams
per event. Individual relay swimmers need not have met a County qualifying time.
Click here for TBD for 2020

Current USA rules, including the “whistle start” and “no recall” rules, will govern strokes,
turns, starts, finishes, etc., with compliance enforced by the referees, starters, and stroke
and turn judges. For ages 9 and up, “Flyover” starts will be used during trials. Coaches will
be reminded of this at the coaches’ meeting both days.

1. Swimsuits for men may not extend above the navel or below the knee and for
women may not cover the neck or extend past the shoulders or below the knee;
2. No zippers or other fastening devices are allowed except for a waist tie on a brief or
3. Suits must be of textile material and must not be made of any rubberized type of
material such as polyurethane or neoprene

Individual Events
Preliminary heats will be held for relays and all individual events except for the IM,
which will be timed finals. The top 10 swimmers in each individual event will then
participate in the Championship Finals for 1st through 10th place. Swimmers who
finish in 11th through 20th place will compete in the Consolation Finals held
immediately before the Championship Finals of the event. The top 10 relays in each
event will swim in Championship Finals. All finalists, including relays and alternates,
must check in at the Clerk of the Course when that final event is called.
• Relay trials will be Friday. Medley Relay finals will be the last event on Saturday,
Free Relay finals will be the last event on Sunday.
• Only the top 10 relays will swim in finals. Places 11th-20th will still score points,
but will not compete in the finals session.
• Names of the 4 swimmers in each relay and up to 2 alternates must be submitted
with your team entries. These do not have to be the actual swimmers on that
relay; however, any possible relay swimmer must be entered in the Meet as an
“Athlete” on the entries submitted August 7th. Swimmers can only be entered in
one relay per event, meaning the same swimmer may not swim on both an “A”
and a “B” relay.
• If a swimmer competes on a relay on Friday, they may compete in that relay only
in the finals session. For example, a swimmer who competes on an “B” Medley
Relay team on Friday, is not eligible to swim on the “A” Medley Relay on
Saturday. A swimmer who doesn’t compete on a relay in the trials session is still
eligible to compete on a relay in finals. Any change to the names of
swimmers between the trials and finals session must be competed on a
Relay Change form and submitted to the Meet Director by the beginning of
the lunch break each day.

Friday, July 31st
4:00PM Start

Medley Relay Trials
Free Relay Trials
Saturday, August 1st
9:00AM Start
Freestyle Trials
Breastroke Trials
IM Timed Finals (11 & Up)
Freestyle Finals
Breastroke Finals
Medley Relay Finals
Sunday, August 2nd
9:00AM Start

Backstroke Trials
Butterfly Trials
IM Timed Finals (7-8, 9-10)
Backstroke Finals
Butterfly Finals
Free Relay Finals

Every swimmer must check in and be seated at the Clerk of the Course prior to swimming
his/her event. We use a double check in procedure. All swimmers must check in at the
entrance desk of the Clerk and all swimmers must be in their chairs as the heat is released
to the blocks. If a swimmer is not seated in their chair immediately prior to being released
to the blocks, they will be scratched from the event. Coaches or parents should make sure
all swimmers arrive at the Clerk of the Course when their events are called. Only
swimmers, and coaches of 8 and under swimmers, will be allowed inside the Clerk of the

Open warm-up for all teams:
Friday: 2:15-3:30pm Open to all swimmers
3:30-3:50pm Open to 8&under swimmers only
Sat. & Sun. 7:15-8:30am Open to all swimmers
8:30-8:50am Open to 8&under swimmers only
Please pay attention to which lanes are designated for starts by the Deck Referee during


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