Time Trials - TL Orcas - 2020

Apr 18, 2020 (08:30 AM) - Apr 18, 2020 (01:00 PM)
April, 13 2020
April 16, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)


Time Trials 2020 - Saturday, April 18

Time Trials is the first meet of our season!  It is a meet for just our team at our pool!

Warm-ups start time: 7:30 am
Meet start time: 8am
Meet end time: The meet will end sometime after 12 noon,  but the exact time depends on how the day has gone.
Swimmers bring: 2 towels, cap, goggles, appropriate race suit (not baggy or 2-piece, color is not critical since it's only our team at this meet), sunscreen, warm clothes/sweats, food and water and/or money for food
Other helpful items:  Sharpie pen, lawn chairs, blankets or sleeping bags, tent or pop-up shelter – the early mornings can be damp and chilly!

7:30 - 7:40am Line up at the shallow end

  • 8 & Under  lanes 5, 6, 7, 8
  • 9 & 10  lanes 1, 2, 3, 4 

7:40 - 8:00am  Line up at the shallow end

  • 11 & 12   lanes 6, 7, 8
  • 13 & 14   lanes 3, 4, 5
  • 15 & 18   lanes 1, 2

Read below if you are new to swim team and/or are looking for more information...


What is Time Trials?

Time Trials marks the start of the Orca season! We don't have an opponent at Time Trials, but this first meet is crucial in preparing our swimmers for what's to come.  Unlike regular dual (with opponents) swim meets, all swimmers are expected to participate in Time Trials.  

Why do we have Time Trials?

Time Trials gives new swimmers and parents an opportunity to experience the feel of a meet in a less crowded setting, gives returning swimmers have a chance to get re-acquainted with the timing and routines of a meet, and gives coaches and volunteers an opportunity to work out any kinks in the systems.  Swimmers also establish a baseline time for their strokes which helps in properly placing them in upcoming meets.

How Do I Sign Up and Which Events? 

Coach Tim will work with the assistant coaches to determine in which events your swimmer will compete. The coaches will assign the events for each swimmer. Most new swimmers will swim freestyle and backstroke, but rest assured the coaches will place your swimmer where he/she will feel most comfortable.

FAMILIES SHOULD REGISTER THEIR SWIMMERS ONLINE FOR THIS EVENT. THIS WILL GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO TEST OUT OUR ONLINE MEET SIGNUP SYSTEM). If you have problems with sign ups, don't worry, we're here to help. Your swimmer will not be left out of Time Trials!   

If you will not be at the meet, please write a note in the comment box when you use the online event registration system so that we can remove your swimmer from the heat sheets and make the event run more smoothly.

When is this happening?

PLEASE be prompt.  We will start warm-ups for the swimmers at 7:30 am. The younger swimmers warm up first.  Before the meet starts we will have a brief explanation of the day for all new swimmers and their families. The meet will begin at 8am. The meet will end sometime after 12 pm, but an exact time cannot be given as it will depend on how the day is moving.  

What do swimmers bring?

Swimmers should come prepared with several towels, cap, goggles, sunscreen, food and drink and an appropriate race suit, in addition to warm clothes to cover up with in between heats and after the event.  Many families bring sleeping bags and pop-up tents or shelters. It can be COLD at the pool especially in the morning.  A dark Sharpie pen is also a big help for writing down heat and lane assignments on your swimmer's hand or forearm.  Parents and spectators may want to bring lawn chairs or blankets for sitting on the grass. The snack bar will be open should you wish to buy food or drinks.

What to do when you get there?

When you arrive at the pool, please check in with the greeter just inside the gate.  You can find your swimmer's heat (see below) and lane assignments posted on the wall near the showers. This indicates the order of the meet and your child's placement in the events.  Next, find a "home base" for your family and your stuff.  At regular  home “dual” meets, our Orca area is the lawn on the diving board side of the pool.  People spread blankets and towels on the grass and situate their chairs there.



All 8 and Unders meet and check in early at the tent in the southwest corner of the pool! We’ll take care of getting them lined up by heat and lane.  We’d like to avoid running around looking for swimmers in the bathrooms, at the snack bar, hanging out etc.  Because 8&Us only swim one 25-yard length of the pool, their heats (except for IM or Individual Medley) begin at the shallow end.  You will meet them at the “block” end of the pool when they exit the water. For Under 10 swimmers we’ll mark their hands and arms with their heat and lane assignments when they come to the Under 8 base area.

What is a "heat"?

A "heat" is a grouping of similar swimmers who will race against each other.  At our pool, there are up  to 8 swimmers in each heat.  Each swimmer is assigned a lane (1-8 in our pool) and a heat.  "Heat Sheets" are posted at the pool on the shower wall.  Here you will search for your child's name and take note of his/her heat and lane assignment.  A Sharpie pen is often used to mark the swimmer's arm or hand with his/her heat and lane information.  One of the most important outcomes of Time Trials is a baseline time for your swimmer which allows them to be accurately placed in heats for upcoming dual meets.  Here's an example of what a "Heat Sheet" looks like and below how to Mark Your Hands.


                       Jessica Brown's Hand would read   Fr  H1  L3


Use a "sharpie" waterproof marker and write on the back of one hand.  Write from top to bottom in the order of the races.  Use "H" for Heat and "L" for Lane.  Each swimmer will only be in at most 3 individual events, so only use the symbols for your races.  The following is an example:

"Fr    H3 L8"   = freestyle heat 3 lane 8
"Ba   H2 L6"   = backstroke heat 2 lane 6
"Br   H1 L4"   = breaststroke heat 1 lane 4
"Fly  H4 L1"   = butterfly heat 4 lane 1
"IM   H1 L5"   = individual medley heat 1 lane 5


Our Orca Snack Bar will be in full swing, so make it easy on yourself and buy snacks and lunch at the pool.  We offer a full range of healthy (and some less healthy but just plain ymmy) food to fuel hard-working swimmers and their families.  The profit from the snack bar supports our team.

How can you get help at the meet?

We will have a Check-In/Help Desk at Time Trials.  A board member or other experienced parent will be at the Check-In desk starting at 7:00am to answer any questions.  Also, throughout the meet, board members will be circulating the pool deck to help and answer any questions.


Please do not park in the parking lot across the street, in front of Scotty's Market and the other small businesses.  This parking lot is for their customers.  Anyone parking in front of Ashy's Nail Salon (Nails by Anna Le/ Lisha Hair Studio) is in danger of being towed!


Counting the warm-up, a swim meet takes over four hours. Be sure your swimmer gets a good night's sleep before the meet. During the meet, he or she should rest to conserve energy between events and be protected from the sun.  The sun will drain your energy so stay as cool and relaxed as you can.


If you are a returning family, check your file for ribbons and photos not picked up last year.  There are many! New families will find ribbons in their family files a few days after each meet of the season.  The files are in plastic file boxes under the clock near the showers at each practice.


After Time Trials all lost and found items will be donated to charity.  Between heats, check it out.  You might find something you didn’t know your child lost.


Always try to stay to the end of the meet and cheer on your teammates. Show your support of your team by seeing the meet through to the finish.  If you must leave early, check out with the coach. Join in the team cheer at the end of the meet. Before leaving, help pick up trash in the area at home and at away meets.

Still have questions?

If you have any more questions about Time Trials, please feel free to email Molly Hodge at president@tlorca.org, click on Contact Us on the tlorca.org website, or ask a veteran parent--there's a wealth of knowledge on the pool deck! 


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