CAL Invite

Jan 18, 2020 - Jan 19, 2020
January, 18 2020


*Timelines and heat sheets should be available before the meet starts.  Sat Timeline.  Sun Timeline.

*The Facility will open each day at 7:15am  (Gate on the East side of the pool - On Spieker Plaza). Warm-ups will run from 7:30-8:45am.

*Warm-up(in-water) 7:45am

*Check in for all events.  Positive Check In for 400 IM & 500 Free closes at 10 AM each day. Swimmers in these events will need to provide their own timer. Swimmers in the 500 need to provide their own counter.

*Swimmers should make sure to scratch all finals.  We will not stay for finals at this meet.

*Spieker Locker Rooms: Please do not loiter in the locker rooms and to be respectful of our Recreational Sports Facility patrons that will also be using the locker room. There is a new Mixed Gender Locker Room with Individual Shower Rooms and Individual Changing Rooms. Athletes should only change in the Individual Rooms and not in the general mixed locker room area per Recreational Sports Department Policy.

*PARKING is very limited and all requires payment on Saturday. 

*There is limited deck space and we will have no team canopy.  Swimmers should plan to sit close together.  Parents should avoid bringing chairs and sit in the bleacher areas.


*Swimmers competing both days may skip practice on Monday.