Meet of Champions-Bartlesville

Jan 17, 2020 - Jan 19, 2020
January, 10 2020


This meet will be held at the P66 Aquatic Center located at 5th & Keeler in Bartlesville.  

Swimmers must meet minimum time requirements to participate in this meet.  Time requirements are attached.  

Prelims for 11 & Over will be swam Saturday and Sunday morning, with finalists returning in the evening.  10 & Under will swim during the finals session.  The Friday evening session will be distance events. 

A swimmer meeting 1 qualifying time will receive 3 bonus events.  A swimmer meeting 2 qualifying times will receive 2 bonus events.  A swimmer meeting 3 qualifying times will receive 1 bonus events. 4 or more qualifying swims will not receive bonus swims. 

Athlete Surcharge $14.00 

Individual Events $6.00