Hot Cocoa Stand at Eagle Pool

Jan 6, 2020 (03:45 PM) - Jan 30, 2020 (05:30 PM)
January, 30 2020
January 30, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)


Volunteer to help at the Hot Cocoa Stand!



Please sign up for one of three shifts:

3:45-4:00: Set up 

4:30-4:45: Serving 

5:15-5:45: Serving and clean up

For your first shift, plan to arrive a few minutes early so you know where things are located and/or what to do.

Before you sign up, note the following:

1. Please commit to the same day and same time slot for an entire month (or the block of time posted, if less than one month). For example, if you choose to do setup 3:45-4 p.m. Monday, make sure you can do it every Monday for the entire month. A month of setup slots will yield you one hour of service credit, and it will help streamline the process. We want to make sure we have consistent coverage. You can take as many shifts as you want; just make sure it fits your schedule. 

2. Set up is flexible (ie: you can do it before 3:45) - it just needs to be ready by 4:00. Remember that the water takes some time to get hot.

3. If you are unable to make your shift, please try to find a replacement. If you are unable to find someone, email Rosario Acosta Peyrot at [email protected]

Thanks for volunteering!

Christie Heit