3D Invitational Distance Meet

Feb 8, 2020 - Feb 9, 2020
January, 18 2020


When: February 8th and 9th

Who: All swimmers

Where: Dover YMCA, 1137 South State Street; Dover, Delaware 19901

The USA swimming sanction is pending. If it is not approved, times from this meet cannot be used to qualify for USA meets i.e. Junior Olympics.

Events: Swimmers swim their age as of 12/1/19. There are no qualifying times for this meet. Swimmers may compete in a maximum of three (3) individual events in Session 1 or Session 4. Swimmers may compete in a maximum of five (5) individual events total as long as three of those five are in session 1 or 4. This means swimmers may compete in a maximum of two (2) events amongst the 500 Fr, 1000 Fr, 1650 Fr and 400 IM.


Fees: $5.00 per event


Session 1 (10 & under)   Saturday February 8

Arrive by 1:30pm. Warm-ups begin at 2:00 pm.  Meet starts at 3:00 pm.

Session 2 (10& under)     Saturday February 8

Warm-ups begin immediately after the end of Session 1. Positive check-in required.

Session 3 (11 & over Distance Freestyle) Sunday February 9

Arrive by 10am. Warm-ups begin at 10:30am. Positive check-in required. To preserve the overall length of the meet, we may need to limit the number of heats.

Session 4 (11 & over)

Arrive by 11:30am. Warm-ups begin at 12:00 pm. meet begins at 1:45 pm.

Session 5 (11 & over 400 IM/1000)

Begins immediately after the end of Session 4. Positive check-in required.