Alpine Tuning & Waxing Program 2020

Dec 1, 2019 - Apr 30, 2020
January, 31 2020
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Alpine Tuning Program Membership
What:  Tuning membership. Allows for parents to arrange tuning by coaches. Membership fee pays for the cost of wax and tuning equipment.
Who:    Available to all Alpine families.
Cost:    $100 membership fee, $20 cost per tune. (Pay coach directly)
Info:      Please read the Tuning Program fact sheet.


TSSC Alpine Tuning and Waxing Program

“We Train like we Race, so we can Race like we Train!”

With that statement as a starting point, we need to train on equipment that is prepared the same as for a race. Ideally, skis need to be “touched up” daily especially for U14’s and older. “Touched up” means the skis at a minimum should have a stone taken to the edges to remove any burrs and waxed or have a complete tune. For many new parents this is a challenge.

For this reason, we have created a TSSC Alpine Tuning and Waxing Program. This consists of three components. These components are; 1) Shop support, 2) Tuning Education Program and 3) Coach Tuning Support.

  1. Shop support. Both Telluride Sports and Boot Doctors have offered TSSC athletes special pricing on structuring, tuning, mounting, footbeds and boot fitting. Boot Doctors has a Montana Chrystal Glide machine and Telluride Sports has a Winterstieger Machine. Both machines are high tech and can structure and bevel skis equally well. They also both have highly skilled tuners and boot fitters.
  2. Tuning Education Programs. Ideally, U16-19’s should be tuning their own skis, U14’s should be tuning with their parents or coaches and U10-12’s should have their skis tuned by their parents or coaches. To help facilitate the education of “tuning” we will be offering tuning clinics for U10, U12 and U14 parents. Separate clinics will be offered for U14 and older athletes. These clinics will teach basics and equipment lists will be available. Dates for these clinics will be communicated by email.
  3. Coach Tuning Support. We are offering a tuning program by our coaches. Coaches will be available to tune skis by appointment at any time. To participate in this program there is an initial cost of $50. This money (to be paid on-line on the events/travel page) will be used to pay for wax and other tuning supplies. After this initial payment, the cost per tune is $20, to be paid directly to the coaches. Please plan ahead, especially during race week. The coaches will not be able to tune 20 pairs of skis the night before leaving for a race. 

-Rachel Lefebvre (603-828-1345)

-Tyler Lefebvre (603-828-1786)

-Michael Kerr (267-229-8940)

- Kulani Aplin (970-708-7057)