HTSC MRC meet in Hutchinson

Feb 28, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020
February, 17 2020


HTSC Minnesota Regional Championships

February 28 - March 1, 2020 in Hutchinson

Silver (B) and gold (A) times required. Champ times not allowed. Mid-level championship meet. 

Pool: Hutchinson Middle School, 1365 South Grade Road, Hutchinson, MN 55350.

Schedule: Friday (12 & older) warm up at 4;20 pm, meet at 5:30. Saturday and Sundayn morning sessions (ages 12 and under) warm up at 7:20 am, meet at 8:30. Afternoon sessions (13 and older swimmers) warm up at end of morning session (No earlier than 10:30) with the meet starting 1 hour later. We will send a timeline and updated afternoon warm up times a day or two before the meet.

Entry Limits: Silver (formerly B) or Gold (formerly A) times required to swim an event. They will show in black on your entry page. You may qualify for more events through Feb. 23. You may swim in up to 4 individual events per day with na maximum total of 7 events. If you wish to use a high school time for any event, include the time and the meet at which it as swum, in the comments section of your entry page. The high school time will not be in our system and the event may show in red.. You may still enter the event if the high school time qualifies as a silver or gold time.

Time Trials: Time trials will be available after each session, time permiting. With your individual events and time trials you may swim a maximum of 11 races with no more than 6 races a day.

Deadlines: Entries are due by Monday, February 17. You may withdrawal, change events, or add events newly qualified for (since Feb. 16) by Sunday, February 23.

Fees: $3.00 per swimmer plus $7.50 per event.