2020 Swimathon

Feb 29, 2020 (08:00 AM) - Feb 29, 2020 (10:00 AM)
February, 29 2020


Save the date... the 2020 Swimathon is coming!


When: Saturday, February 29, 8-10 AM

Where: FLC

What: swimmers will swim 5KM as fast as possible, or swim as many lengths as possible in 2 hours


The Swimathon is an epic annual event, where all AMAC swimmers (including Mini Marlins!) are challenged to swim 200 lengths (5 kilometers) as fast as possible, or to swim as many lengths as possible in 2 hours. In addition to being a fun-filled, prize-fuelled morning of swimming, it's also an important fundraiser for the club: funds raised help offset the costs of away meets, which benefits all competitive swimmers.

This year, AMAC is excited to offer the following prizes:


  • Top Group (between JAG, TAG, Youth, Jr/SR, determined per capita) ... pizza party!
  • Top Individual per Group ... awesome limited-edition AMAC gear
  • Top Family ... $100 giftcard to the Cheesecake Cafe


  • Fastest boy and girl from each group (JAG, TAG, Youth, Jr/Sr) ... Team Aquatics gift card
  • Most improved/most impressive boy and girl from each group ... Team Aquatics gift card


Top Fundraising Prize: 

The coaches are challenging the kids to raise $11 000 this year, and if this goal is reached, the coaches will participate in the Swimathon with the kids. This goal must be reached before the Swimathon begins at 8 AM! The coaches have participated in the Swimathon for two years running, and we are ready to make a splash again.

Grand Prize Draw:

All families that raise more than $100 will be eligible for entry into the Grand Prize Draw, which is a credit of $300 toward next year's fees! The details of the draw are below:

  • one entry into the draw is earned for every $50 raised beyond $100 ($150 raised means 1 entry, $300 raised means 4 entries, $500 raised means 8 entries, etc.)
  • entries into the draw are per family, not per swimmer (ex. a family with 3 swimmers that raises $50 each, or $150 total, gets 1 entry into the draw; a family with 3 swimmers that raises $150 per swimmer, or $450 total, gets 7 entries into the draw)
  • the $300 credit will be applied against membership fees (not meet fees or fundraising fees)
  • the $300 credit must be used next season (2020/2021)


We will also be offering weekly fundraising challenges this year - keep an eye on your email for each week's challenge!


Due to a packed meet schedule in March and April, we will once again be running our Swimathon in February. We've only got 7 weeks until the Swimathon, so be sure to register your family and start fundraising. All fundraising is done online; please follow the link below to our fundraising page:

Please email TAG/Youth coach Jilayna Stigter at with any general Swimathon questions, or AMAC Treasurer Randy Valk at with any website-specific questions.

Thank you for supporting the club!