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Champs III - hosted by TWST

Feb 28, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020
January, 28 2020


WHAT:  Short Course Champs III hosted by TWST and ECS

WHEN: February 28th - March 1st, 2020

WHERE:  CISD Natatorium

WHO:  This meet is open to all TWST swimmers aged 15 & Over by the meet start date.  Swimmers aged 13-14 must have three (3) or more 13-14 A time standards to compete in this meet and may then swim any event.  No times (NT) are NOT allowed at this meet.

MEET FORMAT: This is a five session 2 1/2 day prelims/finals meet with timed final session on Friday and AM prelims/PM finals sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  Finals will consist of an A,B and C final for each age group.  All relays will swim in prelims.

Session #1: Friday PM. Aged 13 & Over girls and boys.  Warm-up from 4-5:15pm with a 5:30pm start.

Session #2: Saturday Prelims.  Aged 13 & Over girls and boys. Warm-up 7:30-8:45am with a meet start at 9am.

Session #3: Saturday Finals.  Aged 13 & Over girls and boys.  Warmup 4:30-5:15pm with a meet start at 5:30pm.

Session #4:  Sunday Prelims.  Aged 13 & Over girls and boys.  Warm-up 7:30-8:45am with a 9am meet start.

Session #5:  Sunday Finals.  Aged 13 & Over girls and boys.  Warm-up 4-4:45pm with a 5pm meet start.

MORE INFO: This is a prelims/finals meet with the exception of relays, the 400 IM and the 500/1000/1650 FR which will be timed finals swims.  Friday's events, all relays, all prelim heats for the 1000 FR and 1650 FR will swim in two pools (girls and boys).  All other prelims events will swim in two pools, odd heats in one pool and even heats in other pool.

Meet is preseeded for all events 200 yards or less.  Swimmers may compete in a maximum of 3 events per day.  Swimmers must scratch any additional events entered by filling out scratch card and depositing in the scratch box at least :45 minutes prior to the start of each prelims session.  NOTE: A no show or DFS is NOT considered a scratch and will be counted as one of the events for the swimmer.

Positive check-in is required for Friday's events at least :45 minutes prior to the start of the session.  Positive check-in for the 1000 and 1650 FR by 10am Saturday and Sunday respectively.  At check-in, swimmers in the 1000 and 1650 Fr must elect to swim in prelims (AM) or finals (PM).  Fastest 8 girls and boys who do not elect to swim in prelims will swim in the FIRST event of finals.  All others will swim in prelims as the last event, fastest to slowest.

FINALS / SCRATCHING: FINALS AND SCRATCHING: Any finalist who fails to compete in finals or consolation finals, or any other bonus final heat, for which he has qualified and failed to scratch with the Clerk of Course prior to the scratch deadline, shall be banned from further competition in the meet in  accordance with the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations and will be assessed a fine of $50.00.

In a Prelim/Final meet, the finalists and alternates for finals shall be announced and shall have thirty (30) minutes after the announcement to scratch from finals. Any  qualified swimmer in the event (a swimmer is qualified for finals or consolation finals or any other bonus finals if he has successfully completed the event in Prelims) may be  moved into finals due to scratches, therefore all swimmers who will not be present at  finals must scratch to avoid a possible suspension from the meet and a fine of $50.00.  Thirty (30) minutes after the announcement, no further scratches shall be accepted, the existing scratches will be tabulated and the finalists and two (2) alternates for the
event shall be set.  

Only the finalists set at this point may be subject to the above fines and banishment from competition, even though any qualified swimmer may be moved into  finals. The  alternates, after the existing scratches are tabulated, will not be penalized if they are unavailable to compete in finals.    

DEADLINE TO UNCOMMIT/REVIEW EVENTS:  All eligible swimmers have been committed to this meet.  Swimmers will have until Tuesday, January 28th to uncommit.  At that time, coaches will build events and swimmers will have until Tuesday, Feb. 4th to review events.  Please contact your group coach with any questions about meet entries.  At the close of the review, the entries will be sent to the host team and all swimmers entered will be billed regardless of actual meet attendance.