2020 North Texas Senior Champs

Feb 7, 2020 - Feb 9, 2020
January, 28 2020


DALLAS MUSTANGS 2020 North Texas Senior Championship

February 7-9, 2020

Venue: Alfred J. Loos Natatorium, 3815 Spring Valley Rd., Addison, Texas.

Meet Format: This is 3-session timed finals meet for athletes 15 & over only. Events of 200 yards and shorter will be preseeded and all longer events will be deck-seeded. Events will swim fast to slow. Meet management 2 reserves the right to change the starting procedures and timeline at its discretion to accommodate unusually large or small meet size or for any other practical consideration
Positive check-in is required (for events longer than 200 yards) at least 30 minutes prior to the event. Checkin has 3 options: 1. An X or √ -indicates swimmer is present and intends to swim the event. 2. Scratch or SCR -indicates the swimmer has decided not to swim the event. 3. Failure to positively check-in or to scratch indicates the swimmer is not swimming for reason unknown.
Qualifying Times: This is an open meet for athletes 15 & over only. There are no qualifying times
Entry Restrictions: There is a daily entry limit of 5 individual events. Seed times should be the swimmer’s fastest time for the stroke and distance. If the swimmer has no time, enter as “NT” (No Time). All times must be provable in SWIMS (or equivalent international database).
Entry Fees: $6.00 per individual event and $10.00 per relay event. A $10.00 facility surcharge per swimmer will apply, which includes the $3 North Texas surcharge.
Deck Entries: Deck entries will be accepted until 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of each session. Deck entries will fill open lanes first. Additional heats will be created if needed. The deck entry fee is $18 per individual event (plus $10 surcharge if athlete is not already entered in the meet). Swimmers not previously entered in the meet must present their 2020 USA Swimming ID card or Deck Pass to deck enter (or a coach may present the club’s official, watermarked roster from the USA Swimming club portal).
Registration Deadline: January 28, 2020.