2020 UT SC Age Group Championships

Mar 4, 2020 (04:00 PM) - Mar 7, 2020 (10:00 PM)
February, 21 2020


 2020 UT SC Age Group Championships

March 4-7th 2020

Wednesday, March 4th

  • Timed Finals Warm-up* 4:00 PM Meet 5:00 PM

Thursday-Saturday, March 5th -7 th Prelims

  • Warm-up* 7:30 AM Meet 8:30 AM Finals
  • Warm-up* 4:30 PM Meet 5:30 PM
  • *Warm-Up will end 5 minutes prior to the starting of the meet. 

Entry Fees: 

  • Swimmer Surcharge (including relay only swimmers):
  • $12.00 Individual Event Entry: $ 6.00
  • Relay Event Entry: $12.00

Individual Entry Information:

  • Swimmers may enter up to 7 individual events, swimming no more than 3 individual events per day.
  •  Deck entries will not be accepted.
  •  All entry times must be verifiable by SWIMS.
  • Swimmers may not use an 800/1000 Free time to enter the 1650, nor 1500/1650 times to enter the 1000 Free.
  • Altitude adjusted times will not be accepted.
  • Time trials will not be offered.


Relay Events Information: Swimmers may swim in 1 relay event per day. Relays will be swum as timed final events.


  •  Teams entering 1 relay in an event may enter with a qualifying time, or by using the “three swimmers in the meet rule”. Teams using the “three swimmers in the meet rule” will be allowed to enter said relays with a NT if they so choose
  •  Teams are limited to no more than 2 entries per relay event. For teams entering 2 relays in an event, both teams must meet the qualifying time or have 6 swimmers with individual entries in the meet.
  • Teams entering swimmers who are not in the meet but who will swim on a relay must submit names of said swimmers, including alternates, at the time of team entry. 4-8 swimmers must be listed on relay entries, but teams may use other swimmers entered in the meet to make changes or substitutions.
  • Relay entry times may be actual or aggregate.

At the Meet

  •  A coach shall pick up relay declaration forms from the Clerk of Course.
  • If any changes have been made to the initial relay declaration, an updated relay form must be turned into the timers immediately prior to the start of the race.
  •  If a team has not made any changes to the initial relay declaration that was picked up from Clerk of Course, the swimmers must swim in the order listed, and they do not need to turn in a relay declaration at the blocks. 

Meet Format:

  • All events Wednesday will be Timed Final events.
  •  All individual events, excluding 11-12 400 IM, 13-14 1000 free, and 13-14 1650 Free are negative check-in.
  • The 1000 and1650 Freestyles are a Timed Final events, will be seeded fastest to slowest, and swum fastest to slowest, alternating between girls and boys.
  •  All individual events Thursday-Friday, with the exception of the 10-U 500 Free, 11-12 200 Back/Breast/Fly, will be run as Prelims / Finals.
  • The 10-U 500 Free, 11-12 200 Back/Breast/Fly, and 13-14 1000 Free will be swum as timed final events during Prelims.
  • The Finals Sessions will consist of a Consolation and Championship heat for the individual events, swum in that order.

Positive Check-In Events

  • 11-12 400 IM Check-in by 4:30 PM on Wednesday
  •  13-14 1650 Free Check-in by 4:30 PM on Wednesday
  • 13-14 1000 Free Check-in by 9 AM on Saturday
  •  Swimmers who fail to check-in for positive check-in events will be automatically scratched and will not be allowed to swim those events.