PVS February Distance Meet

Feb 9, 2020 (07:00 AM) - Feb 9, 2020 (01:00 PM)
January, 26 2020


This Distance meet is open to all swimmers who meet the entry qualifications.


  • Qualifying provable times for 13&Over Swimmers:
  • The athlete must have a provable time for 1000 yd Freestyle of 14:00 or faster for the 1000y/800M Freestyle or must have a provable time of 6:30 or faster in the 500y/400M Freestyle.
  • The athlete must have a provable time for the 1650 yd Freestyle of 23:00 or faster for the 1650y/1500M Freestyle or a provable time of 14:00 or faster in the 1000y/800M Freestyle
  • Coaches of 13&O athletes that can complete the event(s) faster than the QT’s, but do not satisfy the entry rule, should petition Matt Cohen, matthewcohen82@gmail.com.
  • Qualifying provable times for 12&Under Swimmers:
  • A provable qualifying time in the event as listed above or the athlete must meet the following stepping stone progression:
  • A provable time of 7:20 or faster must have been swum in the 500y/400M Freestyle before entering the 1000yd Freestyle
  • A provable time of 15:00 or faster must have been swum in the 1000y/800M Freestyle before entering the 1650yd Freestyle
  • There are NO petitions allowed for 12&Under athletes.


  • Swimmers shall compete at the age attained on the first day of the meet.
  • All events are timed finals.
  • All events will be swum mixed gender.
  • Conforming seed times are short course yards and must meet qualifying standards. Athletes may also enter with LCM seed times that meet the qualifying standards.
  • Time constraints may require limiting the number of events that are swum.
  • Deck entries will be accepted if the meet is not over-subscribed. Athletes must meet the qualifying provable 

Order of Events:

Athletes are able to swim both the 1650 yd and 1000 yd Freestyle. If a swimmer signs up for both events, he/she will have the option of being seeded in the first heat of the 1650 yd Freestyle. They will then be seeded with their entered time for the 1000. Depending on estimated timelines a coach may request to have their swimmer seeded in a later heat of the 1000 yd Freestyle. The 1650 yd Freestyle will be swum first, combining Women and Men and swum fastest to slowest according to submitted entry times regardless of age. The Meet Director and the Meet Referee will determine if a short break is needed once the 1650’s are finished in order to accommodate those entering both events. Expected timelines and check in requirements will be posted to the PVS website at www.pvswim.org no later than Wednesday February 5, 2020.