2020 South Texas Junior STAGS Short Course Championships (SOUTH)

Feb 7, 2020 (04:00 PM) - Feb 9, 2020 (08:00 PM)
January, 24 2020


2020 South Texas Junior STAGS Short Course Championships (SOUTH)

February 7-9th, 2020

Ann Barshop Natatorium 
University of Incarnate Word 
4301 Broadway 
San Antonio, TX 78209 

This meet is open to all 18 & younger swimmers who are attached/unattached to teams listed in the Team Alignments section, and who have achieved the 2017-2020 USA Swimming National Motivational BB times and faster to slower than STAGS in yards, long course meters, and short course meters (see attached pages).

Championship Format: preliminaries and finals. A and B finals for all individual events, unless otherwise noted. Preliminary events will be seeded by time and gender, age combined, according to the Order of Events on page 7, except as noted. Events may be combined at the discretion of the Meet Referee. 
All preliminary events will swim slowest to fastest, except as noted. The three fastest heats of each preliminary event, except for timed finals events, will be championship seeded. All finals events will be contested in the specified age groups in the finals sessions, swimming slowest to fastest by age group. Finals heats will swim in oldest to youngest age group order (15-18, 13-14, 11-12, 10 & Under). 
The 1650 Free, 400 IM, and 500 Free events will be contested as timed finals only, age combined, alternating female and male heats, and will swim fastest to slowest.

The 1650 Free, 400 IM, and 10 & Under 500 Free will be seeded on deck. Check-in for these events is required on Friday by 5:10 PM. 
For events 29 & 30 only (girls and boys 11-18 500 Free), positive check-in is required by 9:00 AM on the morning of the event.  
Swimmers must provide their own backup timers for the 500 Free, 1650 Free, and 400 IM events, and provide their own lap counters for the 500 and 1650 Free events. 
There will be a 10-minute break after the 1650 Free and the 10 & Under 500 Free events on Friday.

Qualifying Times:
The qualifying time standards for all individual events are the traditional dual-age group 2017-2020 USA Swimming National Motivational BB times and faster to slower than STAGS times for yards, long course meters, and short course.  The qualifying time standard for the 15-18 events will be the 15-16 standard for each gender. Swimmers may not enter any event in which they have achieved the 2020 STSI STAGS qualifying time standard or faster in any course – yards, long course meters, or short course meters prior to the meet start date.  In addition, they cannot swim that stroke and distance on any relay team. Qualifying times must be achieved prior to the first entry deadline. The second entry deadline is for newly qualifying swimmers is February 3rd, 2020 at 12:00 PM. There are no qualifying times for relay events.

Age up Date:
The age of the swimmer will be his/her age on February 7, 2020.

Entry Deadline:
Friday, January 24th 2020


Scratch Rules:
Swimmers who qualify for finals and elect NOT to compete in finals must scratch or declare INTENT to scratch with the Administrative Official within 30 minutes of the announcement.

Swimmers who fail to compete in a positive check-in event after positive check-in will be disqualified from their next individual prelims event. For a no show in a finals event (any swimmer who qualifies for a final and does not scratch and then fails to compete in the finals heat), the penalty is $50 per event and disqualification from the swimmer’s next individual prelims event. When the no-show is on Sunday or if the athlete has no remaining individual events, the fine is $100 per event. Illness and injury may be excused by the Meet Referee and this policy does not apply to alternates. Fines must be paid to the hosting team.

Daily Schedule:
See the attached document