13& Over Gold Champs

Mar 14, 2020 - Mar 15, 2020
March, 2 2020



This is our team Championship for the whole Niagara District. 

Everyone who qualifies is expected to attend. 

This year the 13 over's will have their own meet at ECC.  Qualifying times can be found here 

All swimmers who qualify can swim at least 3 events. If you qualify for 1 event you can swim up to 2 more bonus events*. If you qualify for 2 then you can swim 1 bonus event. Three? No bonus event for you! 

* To swim a bonus event you must at least have a Silver Champs cut.  

As of this time the events file has yet to be released. You may indicate with a yes or no. When doing so you may indicate any preferences as well.