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Mar 2, 2020 - Mar 27, 2020
March, 2 2020


Welcome to March Clinic!   Note that our March Clinic  is not intended as a learn to swim program and is lead by Coaches Ryan and Zack.

March Clinic is a 4 week session and you can enroll per week.  Discounted 20% for attending all 4 weeks only applied when purchasing 4 weeks at once for your swimmer. Recommend not registering using your phone.


Swimmers attend 3 days per week for up to 4 weeks to jump start the swim season working on strokes, dives, and finishes for technique refresher!  Week 1 is Freestyle, Week 2 is Backstroke, Week 3 is Breaststroke (Group 1 Freestyle), and Week 4 is Butterfly (Group 1 Backstroke). No tryouts to register but must be able to swim unassisted, comfortable putting face in water, able to swim on their back with good listening skills as this is not a learn to swim session.  Space is limited so register early! Coaches reserve right to reassign swimmer to different group based on skill level. NCSL rules require swimmers be limited to 3 days per week, max 60 minutes per day and 50 yards of continuous swimming.  


Group 1  (Instructional) 4-7 years old 5:30-6:00pm $40/wk or $128/mo

Group 2 (Beginner) 6-10 years old 6:00-6:45pm $45/wk or $144/mo

Group 3 (Intermediate) 7-11 years old 6:45-7:30pm $45/wk or $144/mo

Group 4 (Advanced) 10-14 years old 7:00-8:00pm $50/wk or $160/mo


  • How long is clinic?
    • Register for the week you want or all 4 weeks for discounted price.
  • When is registration?
    • January we open registration.
  • Can anyone sign up for Spring Clinics?
    • It is not required that swimmers are prior Wave or Splash swimmers so tell your friends and neighbors!  However, it is not a learn to swim program. Basic knowledge of strokes is necessary.  
  • Does Spring Clinics guarantee my child a spot on the Wave team?
    • All new swimmers must tryout the morning of March 21st for Rocklin WAVE Team as the March Stroke Clinic does not secure a spot on the team.  If your swimmer swam for Wave last year and swam a minimum of 3 meets (conference or non-conference) they will be grandfathered back on the team if they register by deadline March 15, 2020.  The clinics help prepare your new swimmers for try-outs and your returning Wave swimmers for the new season.
  • What equipment should my swimmer have?
    • Googles, swim cap (optional), and fins.  Girls should have a one-piece swimsuit, and boys should have jammers or swim briefs