Lowcountry Splash 2.4 & 6 Mile Open Water Swim

May 16, 2020
May, 15 2020




  • Last year 6 mile female winner was 14 YEARS OLD! With the youngest 6 mile participant being 13 YEARS OLD!
  • Last year oldest particpant was 75 YEARS OLD!
  • Last year 2.4 mile youngest participant was 12 YEARS OLD!
  • Last years 2.4 mile oldest participant was 72 YEARS OLD!

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The Lowcountry Splash is a major fund raiser for LAPS. LAPS provides water safety and swimming instruction to kindergartners, first graders, and second graders. Please consider donating to LAPS with your Splash registration. This year’s Splash will feature a competition for the largest amount of donations collected for LAPS and the winner will receive a lifetime registration to The Splash.


Where: Charleston, South Carolina.

When: Annually, in May or June. (Based upon the tides).

Distance: 2.4 Mile Open Water Swim along the Mount Pleasant shoreline or, until 2018, 5 Mile Open Water Swim starting at Daniel Island Governors Park, crossing the Wando River and proceeding down the 2.4 Mile course.

Participants: 2018 Stats = 196 in the 5 Mile, 401 in the 2.4 mile. Age range from 10 years old to 82.

Start & Finish: Wet start at Hobcaw Yacht Club for the 2.4 mile Splash and wet start at Daniel Island Governors Park for the 6 mile Splash, followed by a wet finish at the Charleston Harbor Marina in front of the USS Yorktown for both Splashes.

Tides: Swimming with an outgoing tide.

Water Temp: 72-78 .

The Lowcountry Splash is South Carolina's premier open water swim. The Splash began with the purpose of creating a unique open water swimming event in the Charleston area. The original goal was to have the swim go across the Charleston Harbor from Patriots Point to the Charleston Peninsula. With too many logistical nightmares, the race founders decided to make a go of the race at Trophy Lakes, a ski lake on Johns Island. After four successful years at Trophy Lakes, there was still a longing for something more challenging. The Splash moved to the Charleston Harbor in 2001.

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Charleston Duck Race - The Lowcountry Splash 5 mile and The Charleston Duck Race share the Daniel Island dock on June 4, 2016 for both events.  The Charleston Duck Race will start shortly after the Splashers are well on their way down the Wando to the 5 mile finish.  Please consider buying some Ducks for a good cause if you're going to be here for the Splash.

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