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CANCELLED--All Star Meet @ Westwood Country Club

Jun 22, 2020 (04:00 PM) - Jun 22, 2020 (08:30 PM)
June, 16 2020


This is an optional League Championship meet for swimmers who earn qualifying times. Swimmers must earn qualifying times during the current season.

Please note that in the event of inclement weather, the make-up day is Tuesday, June 23.

This meet is optional and requires entry fees, to be paid to the Lakeway Lakers (and then we will pay Westwood Country Club). Entry fees must be paid to the Lakers prior to entry. The entry fee is $7.50 per event PLUS $10 to cover our relay team fees (ie, three events = $32.50). Use the Attend/Decline button to sign up for events. The entry fee includes a meet t-shirt for swimmers entered in this meet (including relay-only swimmers).

Qualifying entry times must be earned during the Summer 2020 season. The first entry deadline is Tuesday, June 16, at NOON for all currently qualified swimmers.

Times earned at the June 20 Medals Meet can be used to enter the All Star meet. Swimmers who earn All Star times at the June 20 meet will need to enter via email to [email protected] by 3pm on Saturday, June 20. NO LATE ENTRIES CAN BE ACCEPTED.

All parents of swimmers entered in this meet are required to help run this meet, even if you've already worked your three swim meets/jobs this season. Each team attending will be assigned a job for the meet. We also will need parents from our team to help keep the swimmers in the team area, to take kids to the ready bench, and to pick up our team area after the meet ends. Use the Job Signup button to sign up. We will not enter our team in this meet until we fill these positions. 

The same entry rules apply to this meet--up to three individual events for swimmers ages 10 & under and up to five individual events for swimmers ages 11 & older.

The coaches will create the relay teams. The fee for relay-only swimmers, if selected, is $10 per swimmer.

Arrival time for swimmers is 2:45. The Lakers warmup time is 3:00-3:30 and the meet starts at 4:30. Qualifying times are listed in the "Meet Information" document posted below. You can qualify with entry times in yards or meters. The Westwood pool is 25 meters so all entry times will be converted to meters. However, you cannot use a converted time to enter the meet. You must have the time in yards or meters. 

The meet information document with qualifying times and other details about this meet is posted below.