Feb 28, 2020 (02:30 PM) - Mar 1, 2020 (07:00 PM)
February, 20 2020





@ Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center 

 LOCATION: 9240 N. Green Bay Road, Brown Deer, WI 53209


DATE: February 28-March 1, 2020


Entry Deadline for this event: February 20th.



Please plan accordingly so that your swimme can be changed, on deck and ready to go 30 minutes prior to their warm up time.


Friday PM: Warm-ups: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM 

Meet Starts @ 3:40PM  


  Saturday/Sunday AM : Doors open at 6:30 AM 

Warm-ups: 7:30AM – 8:30 AM, Meet Starts @ 8:40 AM


Saturday/Sunday PM : Warm-ups: Not before noon, Meet starts 1 hour 15 mins later


SPECTATOR ADMISSION: Spectator admission is $6.00 per session. Heat sheet $3.00 per session. Spectators with disabilities preventing them from sitting in the stands will be accommodated with deck seating for themselves and one companion.  


CONCESSIONS: Athletes may bring refreshments (liquids) but NO GLASS is allowed. There will be a selection of food and beverages available for purchase at the meet. Concessions are in the facility’s main lobby.


Entry Limit: Swimmers may compete in FIVE (5) individual events per day, plus relays up to a maximum of SIX (6) individual events for the meet. This meet, and the 13&Over State Meet are under separate sanctions.


ENTRY FEES: • $3.00 LSC Splash Fee per Swimmer • $6.00 per individual event • $16.00 per relay (Please note: Relay-only swimmers MUST also pay the $3.00 LSC splash fee.) • $7.00 Facility Fee


SWIMMER ELIGIBILITY: All swimmers must be 2020 Wisconsin LSC registered athlete members of USA Swimming. All individual swimmers entered in the meet shall be eligible to swim in the meet, having at least one verifiable qualifying time or having placed first in a qualifying event in the Regional Meet. Swimmers who cannot verify qualification for the meet with a proof of time or place will be withdrawn from the meet. Any swimmer who swims in the meet and is found ineligible will be disqualified from the meet, forfeit all awards and points achieved and their club fined $200. There will be no deck entries or registration. 


BONUS EVENTS: Any swimmer who has entered with one qualifying time may enter two bonus events for which they do not have a qualifying time. Any swimmer entered with two qualifying times may enter one bonus event. 11-12 swimmers must have the bonus time standard to enter events 200 yards or longer. Any swimmer with three or more entered qualifying times is not eligible for bonus events. There is no bonus swim for swimmers that are “relay only” entrants in the meet.


FORMAT : • All events are pre-seeded, timed finals. No events will be check- in events. All swimmers must report to the blocks for the start of their heat. Fly-over starts will be used if determined necessary by the Meet Referee. 

• 11-12 500 Free will be pre-seeded and will swim Fastest to Slowest – alternating girls’ heat with boys’ heat. 

• 10-Under 500 Free will be pre-seeded and will swim Slowest to Fastest. 

• 1000 Free will be pre-seeded and will swim Fastest to Slowest – alternating girls’ heat with boys’ heat.


PARKING: Free parking is available on the west side of the building and in the parking lots behind Office Depot in the Marketplace of Brown Deer Shopping Center. Parking is available on the east side of the building for a $5 charge per entry. Do not park in other areas of the shopping center, including behind the Pick-n-Save building.


A full pdf of the meet information packet can be found at the bottom of this page.


Please get in touch with your head coach if you have any questions!