GSI 2020 Swimmer Recognition Event @ Silverwood Mennonite Church 6:30pm

Mar 23, 2020 (06:30 PM) - Mar 23, 2020 (08:30 PM)
March, 23 2020
March 22, 2020
(this is a team hosted event)


 We are planning our end of season swimmer recognition night to be held on MONDAY March 23 @ 6:30pm at Silverwood Mennonite Church,  1712 West Clinton Street, Goshen.  This is an important event that will allow our coaches to recognize all the hard work our swimmers have put in over the Winter Season. We do hope all of you plan to attend.  This is for the entire family.

As always this is a carry-in meal. Bring plenty to share. Please use the job sign-up sheet to determine what food or drink item you will bring as well as if any set up or tear down is required.  Also, please login to your account to commit to the event so we have an idea of how many people will be attending.