2020 Spring Clinics

Mar 7, 2020 - Apr 11, 2020
March, 27 2020
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Orinda Aquatics 2020 Spring Clinics

Registration for Clinics - Open

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Must be registered - No Walk-ins!


Orinda Aquatics is known nationally for character development and recognized for “best practices” in USA Swimming

Clinics are for Summer Recreational Swimmers

Spring Clinics @ Soda Aquatic Center - begin in March 

Orinda Aquatics is a nationally recognized USA Swimming team with a thirty-year history of providing high-quality stroke instruction to competitive summer-league swimmers. Our Spring Clinics are designed to teach and develop fundamentally correct strokes and turns for each competitive stroke. The Orinda Aquatics coaching staff has very strong and long-term ties to local “rec” clubs, high schools, as well as to USA Swimming.  Please note that these clinics follow the requirements for the OMPA & County Eligibility Rules: Participation in ALL clinics will account for 3 hrs. 45 min. of the allowable 15-hour maximum pre-season clinic/lesson time. 

Clinic Requirements:

  • Strong *6 year olds to 14 year olds (based on age they will swim this summer 2020).
  • *Must be able to swim multiple laps of freestyle with side breathing and have competitive swim team experience. (Clinics are for competitive swimmers. These are not Learn-to-Swim Clinics).
  • You must pre-register to enter the water. No walk-ins!
  • No Refunds after March 21. All refunds are subject to a $25 adminisrtration/processing fee.
  • There no make-ups for missed clinics.

Important Registration Tip: At the end of the registration process, be sure to follow the directions for "One More Step". This form provides more information about each swimmer and is where you make your clinic date selections.


  Swimmer Groups:
Clinic: Clinic Date: *6-8 9-10 11-14
Clinic 1: Free/Back technique/drills Saturday, March 7 2:15-3:00 3:00-3:45 3:45-4:30
Clinic 2: Free/Fly technique/drills Saturday, March 14 2:15-3:00 3:00-3:45 3:45-4:30
Clinic 3: Free/Breast technique/drills Saturday, March 21 2:15-3:00 3:00-3:45 3:45-4:30
Clinic 4: Fly/Back  technique/drills Saturday, March 28 2:15-3:00 3:00-3:45 3:45-4:30
Clinic 5: Breast/Free  technique/drills Saturday, April 11 2:15-3:00 3:00-3:45 3:45-4:30


Clinic Cost Per Swimmer (*minimum of two clinics): 

Clinics *2 3 4 5
Cost $50 $75 $100 $125

Registration Reminder– at the end of registration process, be sure to you follow the “ONE MORE STEP” and fill out your swimmers information & clinic days.

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