Feb 14, 2020 (03:00 AM)
February, 14 2020


Send your swimmer or teammate a CANDYGRAM on Valentine's Day (Friday, Feb 14)! 

Swimmers will receive a Valentines carnation, candy, and personalized note from the sender. Parents, send one to your swimmer! Swimmers, send them to your teammates! 

Your first CANDYGRAM is $5, and every additional is only $2! 


  1. Commit to this event. 
  2. Select the event number that matches how many CANDYGRAMS you'd like to order. For example, Event #1 is one CANDYGRAM; Event #15 is 15 CANDYGRAMS. 
  3. You can change your order up to the entry deadline of Wednesday, Feb 5th. 
  4. Use the "NOTES" box to list the following information: 
    1. TO: xxxx (REQUIRED! We need to know who to deliver to!)
    2. FROM: xxx (OPTIONAL! It can be a mystery if you'd like it to be. Also, we will NOT put a FROM line from a person that is not on the ordering account. Example: You can't send Billy a Valentine from Toby if you're not Toby!)
    3. NOTE: (OPTIONAL!) If you'd like, you can add a personalized note. We will filter. Nothing inappropriate will be allowed. 
  5. Your account will be charged the amount shown. $5 for the 1st one, $2 each after that. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 



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